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LOA: 66.20 m – Beam: 11.50 m – Draught: m 3,40 – Top speed de­cla­red: 16 kno­ts – Ran­ge at 13 kno­ts: 4,500 nm – Guests: 12 – Con­struc­tion ma­te­rial: steel– De­li­ve­ry ti­me: 42 mon­ths.

ves­sel’s ca­pa­ci­ty and sea sta­te. For them a su­per po­wer­ful RIB (ri­gid in­fla­ta­ble boat) or an open fa­st crui­ser wi­th hy­dro-jet pro­pul­sion and coun­ter ro­ta­ting Hi-speed sur­fa­ce pro­pel­lers could be an ob­vious choi­ce. In ge­ne­ral terms we’re tal­king about 15 to 18 me­tre boa­ts but not al­ways! Sca­ling up to su­pe­rya­cht si­ze to 24 me­tres for exam­ple the­re are in fact se­ve­ral yachts ca­pa­ble of ex­cee­ding 50 kno­ts. Ob­viou­sly a 24 me­tre spee­ding along at 50 plus kno­ts is ve­ry dif­fe­rent from a clas­sic di­spla­cing ya­cht used for crui­sing. The si­lhouet­te the ex­te­rior li­nes, the ex­te­rior lay­out and the spa­ce avai­la­ble be­low decks will all be dif­fe­rent. In other words she would be a me­ga-day crui­ser or a me­ga-open ty­pe, whi­ch will main­tain so­me of her func­tio­nal fea­tu­res, not­wi­th­stan­ding the con­si­de­ra­bly lar­ger si­ze and in the main, a mu­ch mo­re li­mi­ted use, not on­ly in terms of ran­ge but al­so in terms of ti­me. In fact ow­ners op­ting for the­se kinds of fa­st yachts want to rea­ch their cho­sen way­poin­ts, a ti­ny bay, a small island or even ano­ther har­bour in the shor­te­st pos­si­ble ti­me so as to en­joy the at­mo­sphe­re and wha­te­ver el­se the new­ly rea­ched spot has to of­fer. The ow­ners of this ty­pe of ya­cht will not usual­ly set out for ex­ten­ded crui­ses in the clas­sic sense but will pro­ba­bly opt for day crui­ses and will re­turn to the star­ting point the sa­me day, or af­ter a week end pe­rhaps in may­be ju­st two or wi­th a cou­ple of friends at the ve­ry mo­st. And so we find me­ga-day crui­sers or me­ga-open ones pri­vi­le­ging out­door ‘ li­ving’ by day, whi­le ac­com­mo­da­tion in the in­te­riors is li­mi­ted in terms of spa­ce main­ly as far as ca­bins are con­cer­ned. Ob­viou­sly the en­ti­re in­te­rior lay­out does not in any way pe­na­li­ze the ex­clu­si­vi­ty and ‘ rai­son d’etre’ of the ya­cht, whe­re you can en­joy great com­fort and lu­xu­ry in ad­di­tion to all the cha­rac­te­ri­stics and mu­st ha­ves whi­ch go wi­th yachts of con­si­de­ra­ble si­ze and co­st su­ch as the f ol­lo­wing. So let’s ta­ke a look at se­ve­ral exam­ples of yachts whi­ch ful­fil the re­qui­re­men­ts men­tio­ned and then we’ll pau­se to con­si­der an in­te­re­sting pro­po­sal from a pair of young and pro­mi­sing pro­ject de­si­gners who’ve rein­ter­pre­ted a su­per fa­st 24 me­tre ya­cht whi­ch is big enou­gh to still be an up mar­ket com­for­ta­ble one ca­pa­ble of of­fe­ring all the ad­van­ta­ges that nor­mal­ly go wi­th the kind. We ha­ve se­lec­ted 4 di­ver­se yachts ca­pa­ble of ex­cee­ding 50 kno­ts whi­ch re­pre­sent dif­fe­rent ways of in­ter­pre­ting their ver­sa­ti­li­ty.

Man­gu­sta 80 Over­ma­ri­ne’s lea­ding mo­del from Viareggio Ita­ly is the Man­gu­sta 80, she ranks as a su­per fa­st ya­cht whi­le being ae­sthe­ti­cal­ly the mo­st con­ven­tio­nal of the four. The sty­ling of a clas­sy yet spor­ty mo­tor ya­cht is all the­re and so are the at­trac­ti­ve flo­wing li­nes whi­ch ma­ke up a plea­sant si­lhouet­te from bow to stern. And pos­ses­ses, as of­ten found in lar­ge mo­tor yachts, a well shel­te­red stern coc­k­pit/ loun­ge area tuc­ked aft of the coa­chroof si­tua­ted amid­ships whe­re we find the main li­ving/ di­ning area and helm con­trols sta­tion. The in­te­rior lay­out of­fers am­ple spa­ces and four ca­bins wi­th ba­th­room. Ob­viou­sly di­spla­ce­ment is slightly pe­na­li­sed, this is the lar­ge­st of the four yachts we’re exa­mi­ning.

Man­gu­sta 80 by Over­ma­ri­ne

Ma­gnum Ma­ri­ne 80

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