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The new Harry Winston Ocean sport Ch­ro­no­gra­ph boasts one of the la­te­st tri-di­men­sio­nal de­si­gns. To­day lu­xu­ry wat­ch­ma­kers ha­ve ta­ken to de­li­ve­ring clas­sic and al­so fu­tu­ri­stic de­si­gns whi­ch are be­co­ming in­crea­sin­gly tren­dy. The pri­ma­ry at­trac­ti­ve fea­tu­re whi­ch ma­kes Harry Winston’s chro­no­gra­phs stand out of the cho­rus li­ne is to be found in the thic­k­ness of the watch ring the pro­fi­le of whi­ch re­sem­bles a cir­cu­lar bla­de de­co­ra­ted wi­th a play of in­lays and re­liefs. The ring is ma­de to turn an­ti cloc­k­wi­se and pas­ses under the cro­wn pro­tec­tion whi­ch is the Ocean Col­lec­tion’s di­stin­gui­shing trait. Four in­lays seem to be the na­tu­ral con­ti­nua­tion of the two pu­sh but­tons spor­ting di­ver­se hues when com­pa­red to the DLC trea­ted cro­wn. The new Ocean Sport Ch­ro­no­gra­ph’s ca­sing is 44mm across ma­de of a hi­ghly in­no­va­ti­ve and uni­que block of Za­lium®, in­ven­ted and pa­ten­ted by Ro­nald Winston son of the foun­der Harry. The Za­lium® ca­sing and be­zel hold the par­tial­ly per­fo­ra­ted dial in pla­ce whi­ch re­veals so­me of the me­cha­ni­sm’s de­tails and self win­ding sy­stem as well metal grey fi­ni­shes and the all black da­te ad­ju­st dial in ru­the­nium. The­re are two tri-di­men­sio­nal ty­pes of dials de­di­ca­ted to the Harry Winston Ocean Sport Ch­ro­no­gra­ph: the W and K one. Bo­th sport ele­gant me­tal­lic fi­ni­shes and rho­dium pla­ted mi­nu­tes’ dial whi­le the da­ta ad­ju­st di­sc is ma­de of black ru­the­nium. Lu­me tech­no­lo­gy on the watch hands and num­bers gua­ran­tee ea­sing rea­ding in poor light con­di­tions. The pre­vai­ling co­lours of the K ver­sion are main­ly Za­lium® greys whi­ch crea­te a plea­sant con­tra­st to the blue of the glass fa­ce and per­fo­ra­ted dial th­rou­gh whi­ch you can see the bright ru­by red of the wor­kings un­der­nea­th it. Ano­ther de­tail is in the fol­ding Za­lium buc­kle at­ta­ched to the black rub­ber watch strap. www.har­ry­win­ston.com

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