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CRN has re­cen­tly pre­sen­ted the new­ly built 86 me­tre Ex­plo­rer Ya­cht de­si­gned by Bri­ti­sh de­si­gn stu­dio Har­ri­son Eid­sgard. This pro­ject dif­fers sub­stan­tial­ly from ma­ny others whi­ch look a lot li­ke work ships wi­th whi­ch to ex­plo­re re­mo­te areas. This Ita­lian shi­pyard a hi­sto­ric brand of the Fer­ret­ti Group in­stead sports a si­lhouet­te whi­ch is mu­ch clo­ser to crui­sing re­crea­tio­nal su­pe­rya­ch­ts whe­re forms are dy­na­mic and sleek and in li­ne wi­th the ty­pi­cal sty­ling seen in the re­st of the An­co­na yard’s fleet. Ho­we­ver sin­ce this CRN 86 me­tre is an Ex­plo­rer Ya­cht it is well equip­ped to fa­ce up to the mo­st se­ve­re wea­ther con­di­tions wi­th ad­van­ced tech­no­lo­gy as well as mu­ch mo­re. the­re are se­ve­ral di­ver­se sa­fe spo­ts in­to whi­ch slot ten­ders and toys, po­wer­ful da­vit cra­nes are rea­di­ly avai­la­ble to laun­ch and re­co­ver. In­so­far as on board li­vea­bi­li­ty is con­cer­ned, the de­si­gn team’s big­ge­st chal­len­ge, was to co­me up wi­th com­for­ta­ble in­te­riors whi­le of­fe­ring pa­no­ra­mic views to be in tou­ch wi­th the sea and sur­roun­dings at all ti­mes and to ma­na­ge to keep gue­st li­ving areas li­ke sa­loon and di­ning ones, se­pa­ra­te from the areas de­di­ca­ted to crew and tech­ni­cal sta­tions. The de­cor of the in­te­riors con­vey a re­la­xed New York loft li­ke at­mo­sphe­re to so­me de­gree so as to of­fer ac­crued com­fort, pri­va­cy and con­vi­via­li­ty ad­ded to the exi­sting fa­mi­ly fee­ling. CRN’S Chief Com­mer­cial Officer Ste­fa­no De Vi­vo com­men­ted as fol­lo­ws: “Eclec­ti­ci­sm, func­tio­na­li­ty and ae­sthe­tic sense form the ba­sis of our yard’s ti­me­less yachts. Har­ri­son Eid­sgaard pre­cious con­tri­bu­tion al­lo­ws us to mar­ket ex­plo­rer mo­dels whi­ch are ve­ry mu­ch in li­ne wi­th CRN’S tra­di­tion whi­ch goes back to the 80’s when we built the fir­st ex­plo­rer. She was al­so the fir­st to ap­pear in the in­ter­na­tio­nal ya­ch­ting sce­ne. Mo­re pre­ci­se­ly it was 1982 when Ge­rhard Gil­ge­na­st drew up the F100. We want to re­tra­ce the sa­me va­lua­ble rou­te that has got us this far to­day wi­th Har­ri­son Eid­sgaard. We’re mo­re than hap­py and en­thu­sia­stic about the joint new work whi­ch has de­ve­lo­ped in­to a ve­ry original con­cep­tual pro­ject”. By way of re­spon­se Har­ri­son Eid­sgaard’s de­si­gner spo­ke­sman re­plied: “We ha­ve de­ve­lo­ped an ex­plo­rer ya­cht that is func­tio­nal and ea­sy to use, whi­le re­spec­ting tho­se ae­sthe­ti­cal ex­te­rior li­nes, lar­ge spa­ces in di­rect vi­sual con­tact wi­th the sea, to sa­ti­sfy fu­tu­re ow­ners’ pas­sion for this ya­cht. She com­pri­ses uni­que cut­ting ed­ge so­lu­tions that ha­ve been de­ve­lo­ped thanks to the con­so­li­da­ted ex­pe­rien­ce a hi­sto­ric shi­pyard su­ch as CRN pos­ses­ses”. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: CRN; Via En­ri­co Mat­tei 26, 60125 An­co­na; Ita­ly; tel. +39 071 5011111; www.crn-ya­ - in­fo@crn-ya­

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