Ac­ces­so­ries Wa­ter­ro­wer - The ul­ti­ma­te cross-trai­ner

Superyacht - - What’s On The Market - By Fa­bia­no Ma­re­sca

The­re’s a ma­chi­ne whi­ch should not go amiss in on­board gyms, that’s a ro­wing ma­chi­ne. When com­pa­red to other pie­ces of kit li­ke tread­mills, sta­tio­ne­ry bi­kes, or el­lip­ti­cal cross trai­ners, a ro­wing ma­chi­ne of­fers mo­re as it en­han­ces fi­ne tu­ning the top part of the bo­dy as well com­pri­sing back mu­scles, arms, shoul­ders and sto­ma­ch mu­scles. The US ma­de Wa­ter ro­wing ma­chi­ne is the per­fect choi­ce be­fit­ting lu­xu­ry col­lec­ti­bles su­ch as su­per and me­ga yachts. Wa­ter Ro­wer stands out of the cho­rus li­ne not on­ly for the use­ful tech­no­lo­gy that goes wi­th it, whi­ch we’ll be ana­ly­sing shor­tly, but for its de­si­gn fea­tu­res. They’re so spe­cial that Wa­ter­po­wer has been ex­hi­bi­ted at Lon­don’s Mu­seum of De­si­gn. The ele­gant fra­me is built in so­lid wood whi­ch blends ap­pro­pria­te­ly wi­th ma­ny in­te­riors of yachts from clas­sic to mi­ni­mal. The­re are ma­ny di­ver­se so­lid wood es­sen­ces to choo­se from re-plan­ted Ap­pa­la­chian fo­rests that can add a per­so­nal tou­ch to your de­si­gn and dé­cor va­lues. For tho­se mo­re con­cer­ned wi­th tech­ni­cal aspec­ts the com­pa­ny of­fers a li­st wi­th a mo­re con­ven­tio­nal metal built fra­me in lieu of the so­lid wood va­rie­ty. Wa­ter­ro­wer’s co­re tech­no­lo­gy of­fers di­ver­se ad­van­ta­ges in com­pa­ri­son to tra­di­tio­nal ro­wing ma­chi­nes. The “vir­tual” re­si­stan­ce ge­ne­ra­ted by me­cha­ni­cal sy­stems has been sub­sti­tu­ted by the pa­ten­ted Wa­ter­fly­wheel whi­ch of­fers self re­gu­la­ted va­ria­ble re­si­stan­ce ac­cor­ding to the in­ten­si­ty of ea­ch stro­ke per­for­med. Wa­ter­ro­wer is sup­plied wi­th a user- friend­ly S4 mo­ni­tor whi­ch di­splays use­ful da­ta su­ch as ti­me ta­ken, di­stan­ce co­ve­red, speed/ in­ten­si­ty de­ployed, stro­ke fre­quen­cy, heart­beat and mu­ch mo­re. It is com­pa­ti­ble wi­th Po­lar and ANT tech­no­lo­gy and can be in­ter­fa­ced wi­th per­so­nal com­pu­ters.. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: www. wa­ter­ro­wer. com

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