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Sin­ce 1969 Gian­ne­schi de­si­gns and pro­du­ces a wi­de ran­ge of pro­duc­ts, fo­cu­sing espe­cial­ly on su­per and me­ga­ya­cht lon­ger than 60 me­tres. The pro­duct ran­ge in­clu­des pumps, wa­ter pres­su­re sy­stems, en­gi­ne pumps, blo­wers, fi­re dam­pers and boi­lers. The com­pa­ny co­vers a to­tal area of 8.000 squa­re me­tres and the ope­ning of new a in­du­strial buil­ding took pla­ce in co­n­junc­tion wi­th the inau­gu­ra­tion of the new road that is na­med to the foun­der of the com­pa­ny Lui­gi Gian­ne­schi. Gi­get­ta pump has been to­tal­ly re­newed to in­crea­se per­for­man­ce and ran­ge. Gi­get­ta’s heart is ma­de of two sta­ges wi­th dual im­pel­ler sy­stem, this al­lo­ws to com­bi­ne the cen­tri­fu­gal im­pel­ler cha­rac­te­ri­stics, as hi­gh dy­na­mic fluid ef­fi­cien­cy, wi­th a spe­cial he­li­cal im­pel­ler pro­fi­le, de­si­gned for quick pri­ming. All the com­po­nen­ts are ma­de wi­th an im­pres­si­ve le­vel of pre­ci­sion and they’re ma­de in hi­gh qua­li­ty bron­ze and stain­less steel. This en­su­res the be­st re­si­stan­ce again­st cor­ro­sion. BMA self-pri­ming cen­tri­fu­gal pumps are avai­la­ble in dif­fe­rent ver­sions. The th­ree mo­dels, BMA-S, BMA-M and BMA-G, are sui­ta­ble for a lar­ge ran­ge of ap­pli­ca­tions. BMA-S pro­vi­des a lar­ge wa­ter flow wi­th li­mi­ted po­wer nee­ded and its ap­pli­ca-

tions are: bil­ge, fi­re -fighting, bal­la­st, fre­sh wa­ter wa­shing and cir­cu­la­tion. BMA-M wi­th ma­ce­ra­tor, its cen­tri­fu­gal im­pel­ler com­bi­ned wi­th a cut­ting unit ma­kes the pump ideal for di­schar­ged wa­ter wi­th fi­brous ma­te­rial. This pump can be used in hand­ling and treat­ment plan­ts for wa­ste and sewa­ge wa­ter al­so wi­th su­spen­ded so­lid parts. BMA-G, wi­th an­ti-clog­ging sy­stem, de­si­gned for di­schar­ge wa­ter hand­ling is sui­ta­ble for slightly loa­ded grey wa­ter and wa­ste and sewa­ge wa­ter. All mo­dels are ma­de in bron­ze and stain­less steel AISI-630 that ma­ke them ideal to re­si­st to cor­ro­sion and wear. Gian­ne­schi de­si­gned and pro­du­ced al­so top-qua­li­ty bron­ze pumps ideal for air con­di­tio­ning and cir­cu­la­tion sy­stems. The­se pumps are able to main­tain stea­dy con­di­tions of coo­ling wa­ter th­rou­ghout the sy­stem. CB se­ries pumps are cen­tri­fu­gal pumps com­pa­ti­ble wi­th sea wa­ter and en­su­re wear re­si­stan­ce. CB 22 bron­ze pump is a cen­tri­fu­gal ty­pe wi­th open im­pel­ler de­si­gned for qui­te ope­ra­ting wi­th low po­wer con­sump­tion sui­ta­ble for air con­di­tio­ning and cir­cu­la­tion sy­stems. Al­so, BMA-S is a pump sui­ta­ble for air con­di­tio­ning and cir­cu­la­tion sy­stems. The pro­duct ran­ge in­clu­des stain­less steel AISI 316L wa­ter hea­ters that ha­ve a ca­pa­bi­li­ty from 22 to 2.000 li­tres. Their in­ter­nal sur­fa­ce has been su­b­jec­ted to twin che­mi­cal pic­kling and pas­si­va­tion treat­ment af­ter the ful­ly au­to­ma­tic wel­ding pro­cess and ha­ve a 30%-50% hi­gher thic­k­ness than mar­ket ave­ra­ge. Wel­ding pro­ces­ses en­su­re wa­ter hea­ter re­si­stan­ce th­rou­ghout years. Pro­duct ran­ge in­clu­des stain­less steel smo­ke dam­per and ap­pro­ved fi­re dam­per. Mul­ti-wings fi­re dam­pers are ma­de in stain­less steel AISI 304 or AISI 316. All pro­duc­ts are te­sted and on­ly af­ter a strict con­trol, they are de­li­ve­red to cu­sto­mers. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: Gian­ne­schi Pumps and Blo­wers; Via Giu­lio Pa­sto­re 19/21, Z.I. Le Boc­chet­te – 55041 Ca­pez­za­no Pia­no­re (LU), Ita­ly; tel. +39 0584 365101; fax +39 0584 969411; www.gian­ne­­fo - in­fo@gian­ne­

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