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Thanks to Be­sen­zo­ni’s new App. for­get­ting whe­re the re­mo­te by whi­ch to ma­noeu­vre your boar­ding lad­der might be won’t be a pro­blem.the new App. is free for IOS and Android plat­forms from 9.0 and from 7.0 up re­spec­ti­ve­ly, and when in­stal­led in­to smart pho­nes and ta­ble­ts ali­ke, it can re­pla­ce the func­tions of the re­mo­te nor­mal­ly sup­plied by Be­sen­zo­ni wi­th its boar­ding lad­ders. To work the App. you mu­st re­mem­ber to in­stall the Be­sen­zo­ni Unit Con­trol (BUC) whi­ch is rea­di­ly avai­la­ble from the com­pa­ny’s sa­les de­part­ment. The de­vi­ces (smart pho­nes and or ta­ble­ts) will dia­lo­gue wi­th the boar­ding lad­der’s con­trol box via Blue­too­th. The App. will be mat­ched to a sin­gle BUC (to avoid ma­noeu­vring all other yachts’ boar­ding lad­ders in the vi­ci­ni­ty). Fur­ther­mo­re this App. can be si­mul­ta­neou­sly in­stal­led in­to 4 to 8 de­vi­ces for fa­mi­ly mem­bers’ and or crew’s pe­ru­sal. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: Be­sen­zo­ni; Via Mo­le­re 2, 24067 Sar­ni­co (BG), Ita­ly; tel. +39 035 910456;­sen­zo­ - in­fo@be­sen­zo­

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