Cap­tain’s log: In­ter­view wi­th Mas­si­mi­lia­no Fraz­zet­ta


Superyacht - - What’s On The Market - by Mar­ti­no Mot­ti

Whe­re do you co­me from cap­tain? Let’s say I’m Ita­lian from se­ve­ral pla­ces of the Coun­try. I was born in Li­gu­ria, grew up in Mi­lan and I’m now li­ving wi­th my fa­mi­ly in Viareggio. But the wi­sh for Si­ci­ly is strong and eve­ry ti­me I get to Pa­ler­mo I feel at ho­me. How did you get in­vol­ved wi­th the sea? I’ve al­ways been fa­sci­na­ted by it. As a child I used to li­ve in Va­raz­ze a sea port to­wn and my gran­d­fa­ther was a fi­sher­man who had spent ma­ny years in the Na­vy. My pa­ren­ts of­ten took me do­wn to the har­bour and along the sea sho­res. I think my pas­sion for the sea co­mes from the­re. Your trai­ning? I went to na­val school and then on to na­val Aca­de­my in Le­ghorn to be­co­me an officer. Af­ter that I qua­li­fied as deck officer for Co­sta Cro­cie­re Spa. Whi­ch are your ear­lie­st re­col­lec­tions of the sea and boa­ts? I seem to re­call a day’s ou­ting wi­th my fa­ther and mo­ther in my gran­d­fa­ther’s woo­den boat I mu­st ha­ve been about two and a half and I was real­ly di­sap­poin­ted be­cau­se my mo­ther wan­ted to re­turn al­mo­st im­me­dia­te­ly. How was the im­pact wi­th the world of work pro­per? My fir­st job was at four­teen, lit­tle oc­ca­sio­nal things. I was schoo­led to do things, so I ne­ver real­ly felt any im­pact la­ter on in the real sense of the word. I grew up wor­king and rea­ching pre set goals whi­ch was of­ten de­man­ding whi­ch is so­me­thing few young peo­ple are pre­pa­red to do to­day. Your fir­st ex­pe­rien­ces at sea? My fir­st pro­fes­sio­nal one goes back to 2001 as Exe­cu­ti­ve Officer on one of the Na­vy’s ships. We we­re as­si­gned to pa­trol­ling the Adria­tic sea and the Al­ba­nian coa­st to mo­ni­tor im­mi­gra­tion. When I was do­ne, I con­ti­nued on pas­sen­ger ships and wor­ked my way up to fir­st officer from mid­shi­p­man. Pre­vious com­mands? Af­ter ha­ving ser­ved on pas­sen­ger ships for about se­ven years and thanks to the Crew Net­work in Viareggio I be­gan my ca­reer in ya­ch­ting and af­ter about four years as fir­st officer I got my fir­st com­mand in 2012. The ya­cht was a 40 me­tre na­med So­phie Blue. Two sea­sons la­ter

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