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When the ow­ner wal­ked in­to Benetti’s of­fi­ces in Le­ghorn, he knew pre­ci­se­ly what he wan­ted of the yard: a ya­cht ca­pa­ble of pri­vi­le­ging con­tact wi­th the sur­roun­ding wa­ters. To sa­ti­sfy the new client’s re­que­st, Benetti con­tac­ted Dut­ch de­si­gner Cor D. Ro­ver who had ne­ver wor­ked wi­th this re­no­w­ned Ita­lian shi­pyard.the pro­ject de­si­gn work was de­ve­lo­ped and well in­ter­pre­ted the client’s wi­shes.the con­cept for the ex­te­rior li­nes de­li­vers a to­tal per­cep­tion of the sea whi­ch is en­han­ced fur­ther wi­th Benetti’s original so­lu­tions con­cer­ning the bea­ch club fea­tu­ring a sur­pri­sing ten by four me­tre pool whi­ch when not in use can dou­ble as a small ba­sket­ball court whi­le an in­door-out­door por­ch in­stal­led on the main deck of­fers a won­der­ful per­spec­ti­ve of the lay­out. The Benetti Bea­ch Club pro­per in ad­di­tion to the 10 x 4 me­tre pool is li­ned wi­th teak floo­ring set across ra­ther than lon­gi­tu­di­nal­ly as is the norm in the va­st ma­jo­ri­ty of yachts. The in­door-out­door di­ning area wi­th a sea­ting ca­pa­ci­ty of twel­ve, can be tran­sfor­med thanks to a so­phi­sti­ca­ted ar­ran­ge­ment from an open air spa­ce de­ployed by the bea­ch club in­to a to­tal­ly clo­sed con­vi­vial en­vi­ron­ment, ne­ver­the­less wi­th an in­te­gra­ted loun­ge si­ze te­le­vi­sion set thanks to sli­ding doors whi­ch are hid­den from view as they slot in­to the bul­kheads. From he­re on, Cor D. Ro­ver’s original sty­le gi­ves way to a fre­sh con­tem­po­ra­ry one in terms of sty­ling, to AREA a Los An­ge­les ba­sed com­pa­ny whi­ch is ma­king its dé­but in the ya­ch­ting field. The de­cor is pri­ma­ri­ly sea blue, wi­th spla­shes of reds, grey and whi­te. Mo­re than a hun­dred di­ver­se ma­te­rials ha­ve been de­ployed in­to the ma­king of the in­te­riors, so as to por­tray a sense of re­sem­blan­ce bet­ween areas whi­le still being di­ver­se.the di­ver­si­ty, is en­han­ced by de­ploy­ing at lea­st two dif­fe­rent ty­pes of mar­ble in al­ter­na­ting ba­th­rooms wi­th dif­fe­rent floors and ca­bin so­les th­rou­ghout. The sec­tio­ning of the lay-

out is so­mewhat original ina­smu­ch as the di­ning area is in­door-out­door so the fir­st real­ly in­te­rior area becomes an en­ter­tain­ment room fur­ni­shed wi­th com­for­ta­ble sea­ts and a lar­ge ‘L’ sha­ped so­fa whi­ch the ow­ner spe­cial­ly re­que­sted for his fa­mi­ly. Pro­cee­ding for­ward we co­me to the lob­by from whi­ch eve­ry deck can be ac­ces­sed via a com­for­ta­ble lift or by an ele­gant An­tarc­tic grey mar­ble spi­ral stair­ca­se en­ri­ched by bac­klit steps and by a blue struc­tu­re wi­th ad­di­tio­nal steel in­serts. Part of the guests’ night ac­com­mo­da­tion starts from he­re, whe­re we find a VIP sui­te wi­th walk in war­dro­be, a dres­sing ta­ble and ba­th­room en sui­te as well as the ow­ner’s quar­ters wi­th an asto­ni­shing over th­ree me­tre hea­droom at cen­tre.this so­lu­tion was adop­ted wi­th a view to in­stall an enor­mous chan­de­lier re­pre­sen­ting a sculp­tu­re mea­su­ring 2.7x2.2 me­tres in steel whi­ch the ow­ner, an art col­lec­tor ve­ry mu­ch wan­ted for “Sea­sen­se”. Be­low decks the­re are ano­ther four ca­bins for guests, of whi­ch two are dou­bles and the other two are twins. Of cour­se the lat­ter two’s sin­gle beds can be joi­ned to­ge­ther. The crew’s quar­ters are al­so si­tua­ted on this deck as well as the fi­ne gal­ley in stain­less wi­th Sil­ver­sto­ne shel­ves and quar­tz au­xi­lia­ries. The up­per deck hosts a mo­dern loo­king helm con­trols sta­tion wi­th an ad­ja­cent ca­bin re­ser­ved

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