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The new Swan 95 is about to hit the wa­ter as the Fin­ni­sh shi­pyard has pre­sen­ted the fir­st ren­de­rings and will be put­ting the fa­sci­na­ting Swan 95 out of pro­duc­tion af­ter “LOT99” whi­ch is the last one of the se­ries.

In 2017 “LOT99” ma­de its de­but as the last of the se­ries at the Mo­na­co Ya­cht Show and at the Can­nes Ya­ch­ting Fe­sti­val and it is now about to be sub­sti­tu­ted by the Swan 98 li­ne whi­ch the Fin­ni­sh yard has re­cen­tly pre­sen­ted. To be clea­rer “LOT99” is of the 95 S li­ne whi­ch in re­la­tion­ship to the 95 FD sports a se­mi rai­sed sa­loon – but not on­ly – it is bet­ter sui­ted to crui­sing ra­ther than blue wa­ter off­sho­re ra­cing and of­fers mo­re spa­ce in the coc­k­pit whi­ch lends itself well to en­ter­tai­ning and di­ning and the in­te­rior de­cor is de­si­gned to of­fer en­han­ced com­fort when crui­sing. The pre­ce­ding Swan 90, the Swan 115 laun­ched in 2014 pas­sed on so­me of their fea­tu­res to the 95 S whi­ch sports a ver­ti­cal bow and a wi­de­ned stern whi­ch re­veals two helms in the coc­k­pit sin­ce they of­fer bet­ter vi­si­bi­li­ty for­ward be­hind the fo­re­sails when stee­ring from the do­w­n­wind helm on a beat.

“LOT99” is a ver­sa­ti­le ya­cht built wi­th loads of car­bon fi­bre de­si­gned by Ger­man Frers and is a sound ‘all roun­der’ and al­so com­pe­ti­ti­ve as a fa­st crui­ser/ra­cer. The deck gear is su­ch that the ya­cht can be sai­led shor­than­ded wi­th mo­st of the con­trols in­stal­led that are rea­di­ly avai­la­ble in the coc­k­pit near the wheel. A park ave­nue boom hosts the main whi­ch is set at the pu­sh of a but­ton, the fur­ling gear for co­de 0 is al­so hy­drau­lic and so are the cars on the tracks whi­ch are de­ployed ac­cor­din­gly. The MPS’S boom is re­mo­va­ble when not nee­ded. The coc­k­pit mo­re or less at cen­tre sports plen­ty of sea­ting wi­th de­di­ca­ted cu­shions from whi­ch to en­joy what’s going on or the sun sin­ce two ex­ten­ding ta­bles can ser­ve as sun pads, or can be de­ployed to ser­ve as a ba­se around whi­ch to en­joy an in­for­mal meal. When ra­cing, the cu­shions are re­mo­ved to en­han­ce ma­noeu­vres. The tech­ni­cal coc­k­pit is aft near the stern area wi­th an ul­tra mo­dern helm con­trols sta­tion from whi­ch to mo­ni­tor and steer.

The in­te­riors sport fi­ne Eu­ro­pean oak ve­neers whi­ch are coa­ted wi­th a grey hue whi­ch looks a lot li­ke the coat of an In­dian buf­fa­lo wi­th a da­sh of green whi­ch the shi­pyard has cal­led “Tun­dra Ti­ta­nium”. The un­trea­ted sur­fa­ces of wood and of the skins de­ployed crea­te an agreea­ble all new con­tra­st wi­th the egg shell sur­fa­ces of so­me of the fur­ni­tu­re. Lighting De­si­gn In­ter­na­tio­nal has ca­re­ful­ly plan­ned the mo­st ap­pro­pria­te lighting sy­stem for ea­ch area and for ea­ch ca­bin. As in mo­st se­mi rai­sed sa­loon areas this is no ex­cep­tion, it hou­ses a rai­sed day li­ving sa­loon area whi­ch due to its hi­gher po­si­tio­ning is brighter thanks to lar­ge gla­zed pa­nels along the coa­chroof’s si­des as well as a di­ning spa­ce fea­tu­ring a fol­da­way ta­ble whi­ch gi­ves way to a se­cond loun­ge and cof­fee ta­ble and la­te­st en­ter­tain­ment tech­no­lo­gy. The ow­ner’s quar­ter’s are aft in the stern area whe­re thanks to the ex­tra beam the­re’s a lar­ge dou­ble bed at cen­tre and a de­sk on the op­po­si­te si­de se­cu­red to the top­si­des and a ge­ne­rous

ba­th­room. The guests’ quar­ters are for­ward of the sa­loon, they’re ma­de up of two twins, a VIP sui­te wi­th a queen si­ze bed. Ea­ch one of the ba­th­rooms is de­co­ra­ted wi­th the sa­me ma­te­rials and chro­ma­tic pat­terns ju­st as eve­ry­thing el­se so as to main­tain an un-va­ried sty­le th­rou­ghout. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: Nau­tor’s Swan; P.O. Box 10, 68601 Pie­tar­saa­ri, Fin­lan­dia; tel. +358 6 760 1777; [email protected]­ - Bor­do SS. Apo­sto­li 29, 50123 Fi­ren­ze; tel. +39 055 240382; in­[email protected]­tor­ - www.nau­tor­

TECH­NI­CAL DA­TA LOA: 28.87 m – LWL: 26.56 m – Beam: 6.90 m – Draught: 3.30/5.50 m – Dry di­spla­ce­ment: 59.10 tons – Bal­la­st: 20.0 tons – En­gi­ne: Steyr SE236E40 231 HP – Sail­plan: Fo­re Trian­gle 212.5 m2; Main Sail 274.2 m2; Jib 216.7 m2 – Class: Ger­ma­ni­scher Lloyd Hull Con­struc­tion.

Swan 95 Lot 99

Swan 95 Lot 99

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