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Ro­set­ti Su­pe­rya­cht is the pro­ject de­si­gn and con­struc­tion di­vi­sion of re­crea­tio­nal uni­ts whi­ch was pre­sen­ted by Ro­set­ti Ma­ri­no Group en­tre­pre­neurs in the cour­se of No­vem­ber 2017. Wi­th Pre­si­dent Ful­vio Do­di­ch at the helm, the fir­st mo­del, an 85 me­tre Ex­pe­di­tion Sup­ply Ves­sel of 2,200 GT who­se pro­ject was car­ried out wi­th Tom­ma­so Spa­do­li­ni’s con­tri­bu­tion ma­de its de­but. Mr. Spa­do­li­ni kind­ly to re­veal so­me of the de­tails con­cer­ning this new pro­ject. Con­cep­tual­ly crea­ted to im­po­se itself on the ex­pe­di­tion ya­ch­ts or sup­ply ves­sels in­ter­na­tio­nal mar­ket whi­ch has been in­crea­sing con­si­sten­tly. “The big­ge­st chal­len­ge was to crea­te so­me­thing dif­fe­rent to exi­sting ex­pe­di­tion ya­ch­ts” Spa­do­li­ni ex­plains. “I ca­re­ful­ly ana­ly­sed this mar­ket sec­tor the out­co­me of my ana­ly­sis re­sul­ted in a ma­scu­li­ne, frill free ex­te­rior de­si­gn, ho­we­ver what ma­kes this pro­ject ve­ry dif­fe­rent is to be found in the ge­ne­ral plans”.this ya­cht’s lay­out is to­tal­ly ori­gi­nal al­so thanks to the ver­sion fea­tu­ring a he­li­cop­ter pad pla­ced in the stern. Spa­do­li­ni con­ti­nues “Not being con­strai­ned by the li­mi­ts per­tai­ning to a tra­di­tio­nal ya­cht nor to spe­ci­fic re­quests wan­ted by an ow­ner, I could crea­te so­lu­tions whi­ch do away wi­th tra­di­tion. The 85 me­tre is equal­ly avai­la­ble wi­th a he­li­pad in­stal­led at amid­ships, but the stern he­li­pad ver­sion is wi­thout doubt the pu­re­st ex­pres­sion of an ex­pe­di­tion ya­cht or sup­ply ves­sel. It can go eve­ry­whe­re and wi­th re­la­ti­ve­ly low costs, the 85 me­tre is the mo­st au­then­tic loo­king ya­cht I ha­ve ever dra­wn in 40 years”. The de­si­gner’s pre-

fer­red ver­sion is clear­ly the one spor­ting a stern he­li­pad whi­ch is as far as pos­si­ble to any of the night quar­ters wi­th their re­spec­ti­ve ca­bins so as to avoid di­stur­bing guests whi­le ma­noeu­vring or ta­king off and lan­ding. Ano­ther fea­tu­re wor­th no­ting is the de­di­ca­ted pas­sa­geway con­nec­ting the he­li­pad to the ow­ner’s quar­ters whi­ch are si­tua­ted on two di­ver­se le­vels. The ma­ster sui­te is si­tua­ted along the up­per deck whi­le a pri­va­te deck abo­ve that hosts a loun­ge and an open-air ter­ra­ce wi­th hy­dro-mas­sa­ge tub and a view of the for­ward sec­tion of the main deck. Spa­do­li­ni adds as fol­lo­ws: “The open/co­ve­red way con­nec­ting the two areas is a uni­que so­lu­tion for a ya­cht ta­king af­ter a work boat”. All of the four gue­st ca­bins are ser­ved by pri­va­te ba­th­rooms

along the main deck, whi­le the gal­ley and se­ve­ral crew lod­gings are si­tua­ted along the lo­wer deck. The cap­tain’s ca­bin is on the brid­ge deck whi­ch hou­ses the helm con­trols sta­tion and the VHF and SSR ra­dios. Be­low the lo­wer deck we co­me to tech­ni­cal areas su­ch as the laun­dry, re­fri­ge­ra­tors, ship’s sto­res, clean li­nen sto­ra­ge, wa­ste sto­ra­ge and ac­cess to the en­gi­ne room wi­th in­te­gra­ted me­cha­ni­cal work shop. The fi­ve decks are all con­nec­ted thanks to a spa­cious lift whi­ch is nor­mal­ly found in a cen­tral lob­by area whi­ch ju­st li­ke the other in­te­rior dé­cor is, as de­scri­bed by Spa­do­li­ni: “con­tem­po­ra­ry and com­for­ta­ble but not gli­tzy”. Con­si­de­ring it is a full-custom pro­ject, whe­re ow­ners can choo­se their own in­te­rior de­si­gner or per­so­na­li­se the ‘stan­dard’ pro­po­sal. We ha­ve a day li­ving area/loun­ge whi­ch ex­tends in the stern area along the two decks be­low the he­li­pad deck. It is com­ple­te­ly se­pa­ra­ted by the lod­gings along the bow end but to whi­ch it is con­nec­ted via the ori­gi­nal cor­ri­dor men­tio­ned ear­lier. Of the­se two decks, the fir­st one star­ting from do­wn up wel­co­mes guests in a lar­ge li­ving room wi­th a day toi­let and pan­try. The se­cond one in­stead is de­di­ca­ted to a beach club whi­ch can of­fer ad­di­tio­nal spa­ce thanks to ope­ning la­te­ral plat­forms whe­re the­re’s a bar, sau­na and mas­sa­ge fa­ci­li­ties in ad­di­tion to di­rect ac­cess to the ga­ra­ge sto­ring ten­ders and toys. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: Ro­set­ti Su­pe­rya­ch­ts – Shi­pyard Est. 1925; Via Trieste 230, 48122 Ra­ven­na; tel. +39 0544 878111;­set­ti­su­pe­rya­ch­ -­set­ti­ma­ri­no­

Italian de­si­gner Tom­ma­so Spa­do­li­ni re­veals se­ve­ral lay­out de­tails of Ro­set­ti Su­pe­rya­ch­ts’s 85 me­tre.

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