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Superyacht - - What’s On The Market - By Mar­ti­no Mot­ti

The Ge­noa ba­sed com­pa­ny Ma­re­mo­to star­ted up in 1990 on Ser­gio Mo­ra­bi­to’s ini­tia­ti­ve it has be­co­me an im­por­tant point of re­fe­ren­ce for ma­ny Jet skiers to the ex­tent that the com­pa­ny has be­co­me Ita­ly’s mo­st sought af­ter di­stri­bu­tor for Sea. Doo and Ya­ma­ha brands.the in­crea­sing num­ber of ya­ch­ts over the last cou­ple of de­ca­des brought about con­si­de­ra­ble di­ver­si­fi­ca­tion in that Ma­re­mo­to has wi­de­ned the ran­ge of pro­duc­ts of­fe­red to in­clu­de wa­ter toys lar­ge ya­ch­ts nor­mal­ly ha­ve. Let’s ha­ve a look at this year’s la­te­st few. Fol­lo­wing the ad­vent of se­ve­ral elec­tri­cal­ly pro­pel­led surf boards and others equip­ped wi­th pe­trol fuel­led en­gi­nes, he­re co­mes an all new pro­duct from Swe­den: Ra­dinn is the na­me of the ma­nu­fac­tu­ring/ex­por­ting com­pa­ny and Ma­re­mo­to is the of­fi­cial di­stri­bu­tor on Italian soil. The­se boards dif­fer from others on the mar­ket, they are light­weight by com­pa­ri­son and com­pact as well.they’ve been de­si­gned wi­th CFD com­pu­te­ri­zed soft­ware tech­no­lo­gy so as to de­li­ver ma­xi­mum per­for­man­ce and ea­sier main­te­nan­ce.they are avai­la­ble in two co­lours whi­te or black and in two si­zes: 1.90 or 1.65 me­tres. The se­cond G2X ge­ne­ra­tion wei­ghs less and of­fers hi­gh per­for­man­ce and lon­ger bat­te­ry life bet­ween char­ges. It is on the wi­de si­de built to car­ry an elec­tric hy­dro-jet en­gi­ne wi­th in­ter­chan­gea­ble bat­te­ries. By com­pa­ri­son to the fir­st ge­ne­ra­tion the new G2X wei­ghs on­ly 40kg. com­pri­sing mo­du­lar struc­tu­re, en­gi­ne and bat­te­ry. Han- dling the board is user friend­ly and re­char­ging is ea­sy. Ima­gi­ne the bat­te­ry can be slot­ted in­to pla­ce ju­st prior to laun­ching the board. The po­wer pack can be di­sen­ga­ged quic­kly by pu­shing th­ree but­tons and ano­ther will re­pla­ce it. 48V bat­te­ries po­wer up the 15KW bru­shless en­gi­ne and all of the ma­te­rials used are ve­ry hi­gh qua­li­ty; in spi­te of this the li­st pri­ce is less than 10,000 € wi­th no op­tio­nals. De­cla­red ran­ge is of 45 mi­nu­tes, but a mu­ch spor­tier use re­du­ces the ran­ge to 25 mi­nu­tes. Top speed for the stan­dard or ba­sic set up is about 50kph. Wi­th an up­gra­de six­ty Kph can be top­ped. The elec­tric/hy­dro-jet po­wer hou­se can be re­mo­ved by un­doing ju­st six bol­ts, whi­le main­te­nan­ce is prac­ti­cal­ly nil, whi­ch means the­re’s no need to open the ‘bon­net’. Sin­ce the elec­tro­nics are in­ter­fa­ced wi­th the mo­ther com­pa­ny via smart­pho­ne’s in­ter­net even up­gra­des and ‘re­pairs’ can be car­ried out on li­ne. A de­di­ca­ted ap­pli­ca­tion (app) can set the board’s ac­ce­le­ra­tion and top speed and check the state of the bat­te­ry bank. A new Ra­dinn Ul­tra Fa­st Char­ger will ta­ke ju­st two hours to re­char­ge bat­te­ries whi­le two dif­fe­rent po­wer packs are avai­la­ble: a 2,800 Wh po­wer pack de­ve­lo­ping 51.8V and 56.1Ah whi­ch has a ran­ge of 25 mi­nu­tes at full speed and the other is an XL po­wer pack of 4,000 Wh wi­th a ran­ge of 35 mi­nu­tes at full speed.the Ra­dinn surf board is real­ly user friend­ly and in­tui­ti­ve when com­pa­red to ma­ny tech­no­lo­gic wa­ter toys. Ap­pa­ren­tly 90% of users can learn to stand and crui­se along right from the fir­st ti­me. The ac­ce­le­ra­tor is wa-

ter­tight and wi­re­less. Cu­riou­sly enou­gh 85% of the clien­ts pur­cha­se a se­cond po­wer pack im­me­dia­te­ly, wi­th a third rea­di­ly avai­la­ble one usa­ge of the board be­co­me vir­tual­ly end­less as the char­ger ta­kes on­ly a cou­ple of hours and swit­ching bat­te­ries on­ly ta­kes a han­d­ful of se­conds. For the even spor­tier users a jet foil in­stal­led at the ba­se will ge­ne­ra­te lift enou­gh so skim over the wa­ter! The surf board is de­li­ve­red wi­th its own spe­cial ca­sing, bat­te­ry, re­mo­te, the app and a two year war­ran­ty. Using Ra­dinn is fa­bu­lous, the board of­fers loads of th­rills and is com­ple­te­ly si­lent whe­ther over wa­ves, on a flat sea, ri­vers and la­kes it is al­ways real­ly great fun. Chan­ging to­pic we’ve kno­wn Ma­re­mo­to has been the of­fi­cial dea­ler and the au­tho­ri­zed as­si­stan­ce cen­tre for Sea­bob for so­me ti­me. It is now pos­si­ble to rent them for any leng­th of ti­me. This way ow­ners will al­ways en­joy new kit wi­thout ha­ving to buy. The avai­la­ble Sea­bob mo­dels for rent are th­ree: F5, F5S, F5SR, ran­ging from 2.5 to 4.5 KW whi­ch trans­la­tes in­to 14 to 22 kph on the sur­fa­ce and from 13 to 20 kph be­low it wi­th a ran­ge of 50 to 70 mi­nu­tes and in terms of weight from 29 to 34 kg. To­day’s ran­ge in­clu­des an in­built vi­deo cam whi­ch means the­re’s no lon­ger need to in­stall a se­pa­ra­te ac­tion cam. Do you want to per­so­na­li­ze your Sea­bob? No­thing ea­sier Ma­re­mo­to can in­stall the wrap­ping of your choi­ce in any co­lour and or gra­phic de­si­gn. Ma­re­mo­to al­so ren­ts out jet skis the sa­me way, but that’s not all, two new en­tries ha­ve be­co­me part of the Ma­re­mo­to fa­mi­ly as well they are Shark Mix by Su­blue and End­less Ri­de by Spi­ne­ra. Shark Mix is this smal­le­st and ea­sy to use un­der­wa­ter craft in the world. It is ca­pa­ble of ex­traor­di­na­ry per­for­man­ce, fea­tu­ring two pro­pel­lers, a hand­le bar for bo­th hands and of cour­se in­ter­chan­gea­ble bat­te­ries al­so in wa­ter.this wa­ter toy can di­ve to 40 me­tres be­low the sur­fa­ce wi­th a con­ti­nuous ran­ge of about thir­ty mi­nu­tes. Shark Mix will tow you at the sa­me speed a pro­fes­sio­nal can swim! It’s dead ea­sy to use and en­joy im­me­dia­te­ly, it floa­ts thanks to a de­vi­ce whi­ch is de­li­ve­red wi­th it whi­ch means you can drop it off kno­wing it will not sink. Fur­ther­mo­re Shark Mix pos­ses­ses a brac­ket at the front end to whi­ch an ac­tion cam can be at­ta­ched. Spi­ne­ra’s in­fla­ta­ble cu­shion in­stead, is a gi­gan­tic ring whi­ch can ac­com­mo­da­te 6 or 12. It co­mes in two si­zes: wi­th a dia­me­ter of 3.5 or 5 me­tres. Bo­th fea­tu­re a tow rod at cen­tre to whi­ch an ap­pro­pria­te tow li­ne from the stern end of the to­wing craft is se­cu­red. At so­me speed the ring will spin around 360° of­fe­ring loads of fun as it spins round and round. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: Ma­re­mo­to; Via Ta­bar­ca 70, 16147 Ge­no­va; tel.+39 010 3776741, fax +39 010 3740462; www.ma­re­mo­to.net - in­fo@ma­re­mo­to.net

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