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Superyacht - - What’s On The Market - by Da­nie­le Car­ne­va­li

The Sca­pin fa­mi­ly has been a so­lid re­fe­ren­ce point in the who­le of Ita­ly for the hi-fi sec­tor for mo­re than th­ree de­ca­des. It has been de­di­ca­ted re­len­tles­sly to fin­ding, and im­pro­ving ways to bet­ter the qua­li­ty of sound wi­th an in­na­te pas­sion and ex­pe­rien­ce sent do­wn from fa­ther to son. The Sca­pin fa­mi­ly to­day is led on by Gian­ni wi­th the com­pa­ny’s brand na­me: Evo­lu­zio­ne Hi-fi whi­ch com­mer­cia­li­zes so­me of the be­st brands of Hi-fi sy­stems on the mar­ket for any ya­cht ty­pe of any si­ze. “Dou­four 385 e 410, Per­shing 60, Al­fa­ma­ri­ne 90, Ca­na­dos 60, Ita­ma 74, e il su­pe­rya­cht “Queen K” from the Plea­su­re Craft shi­pyard, are a few

na­mes of the com­pa­nies that ha­ve avai­led them­sel­ves of our ex­pe­rien­ce and pro­fes­sio­na­li­sm in in­stal­ling in­si­de and out mul­ti room plan­ts, as well as mul­ti sour­ce and Dol­by di­gi­tals wi­th fa­med Hi-fi com­po­nen­ts co­ming from re­no­w­ned ma­nu­fac­tu­ring com­pa­nies. We ha­ve loads of di­ver­se so­lu­tions avai­la­ble even for Ri­gid In­fla­ta­ble boa­ts” de­cla­red Gian­ni Sca­pin. Evo­lu­zio­ne Hi-fi is proud to di­stri­bu­te Fu­sion, Gl Au­dio, So­nan­ce , Mcin­to­sh, B&W, Ma­ran­tz, Den­sen, Nad, So­nus Fa­ber, Tan­noy, Whar­fe­da­le, and ma­ny others for whom Evo­lu­zio­ne Hi-fi car­ries out tech­ni­cal and com­mer­cial as­si­stan­ce ca­pa­ble of sa­ti­sfy­ing any re­que­st. The ca­ta­lo­gue is avai­la­ble on li­ne as well to ena­ble the clien­te­le to eva­lua­te and com­pa­re pri­ce up­da­tes and mo­dels in real ti­me whi­le al­lo­wing them al­so to view the ana­ly­ses of the fea­tu­res of eve­ry pro­duct via tech­ni­cal and de­tai­led da­ta in­put shee­ts. The ca­ta­lo­gue al­so in­clu­des a va­st ran­ge of gua­ran­teed pre­o­w­ned ma­te­rial. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: Evo­lu­zio­ne Hi-fi; Via Prin­ci­pe Ame­deo 4, 00044 Fra­sca­ti (Roma); tel. +39 06 97245677, fax +39 06 97245678; www.evo­lu­zio­ne­hi­fi.it - in­fo@evo­lu­zio­ne­hi­fi.it

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