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April last ONE° 15 Ma­ri­na in Sen­to­sa Co­ve, ho­sted the eighth edi­tion of the Sin­ga­po­re Ya­cht Show whi­ch is the mo­st im­por­tant in Sou­th Ea­st Asia. Fif­teen thou­sand vi­si­tors cro­w­ded the pon­toons du­ring the four day event to look at and view the mo­re than 90 ya­ch­ts and su­pe­rya­ch­ts ex­hi­bi­ted. 14 of the­se we­re pre­viewed and de­bu­ted for the Asian mar­ket. An­dy Tread­well CEO and or­ga­ni­ser of the Sin­ga­po­re Ya­cht Even­ts can­did­ly sta­ted: “Sin­ga­po­re is the geo­gra­phic hub ser­ving a va­st area whi­ch is poi­sed to be­co­me the world’s third mo­st im­por­tant one in terms of lu­xu­ry ya­ch­ting, af­ter the Me­di­ter­ra­nean ba­sin and the Ca­rib­bean. The po­ten­tial for shi­pyards and re­la­ted in­du­stry from Phu­ket to the Pa­ci­fic is vir­tual­ly li­mi­tless. Asia pos­ses­ses the rou­tes and sce­na­rios whi­ch can be sold to cur­rent ship ow­ners as new de­sti­na­tions wi­th a who­le ran­ge of at­trac­ti­ve di­ver­se cul­tu­res and to po­ten­tial Asian ow­ners as a new life sty­le. All that’s nee­ded to make it hap­pen is go­vern­men­ts’ bac­king”. The Sin­ga­po­re Ya­cht Show con­tri­bu­ted si­gni­fi­can­tly to make the event suc­ces­sful thanks to a dy­na­mic or­ga­ni­za­tion that in­vol­ved so­me of the be­st in­ter­na­tio­nal

players in an event whi­ch took off in a grand way and was fi­red up wi­th loads of glam. en­ter­tain­ment ga­lo­re, par­ty­ing and mo­re in bet­ween vi­si­ts on board of the ex­hi­bi­ted ya­ch­ts . Thanks to so­me of the world’s re­no­w­ned bro­kers li­ke Simp­son Ma­ri­ne ma­ny in­ter­na­tio­nal yards we­re the­re. Bé­né­teau and San­lo­ren­zo, Boat La­goon Ya­ch­ting, the firm im­por­ting and di­stri­bu­ting Prin­cess Ya­ch­ts, Hong Seh Ma­ri­ne whi­ch wi­th Gruppo Fer­ret­ti al­so pre­viewed Ri­va Per­seo 76 and the Fer­ret­ti 780 of the Tai He Ban col­lec­tion de­di­ca­ted to the Asian mar­ket, Bur­gess, Cam­per & Ni­chol­son, Fra­ser, Ea­st­winds, Y.CO and Ed­mi­ston. This four day Ya­cht Show at­trac­ted se­ve­ral ma­jor shi­pyards from nor­thern Eu­ro­pe: Lürs­sen, Fead­ship, Hee­sen and Amels, from Ita­ly Azi­mut pre­viewed Gran­de 27 Me­tri, Be­net­ti and

Fin­can­tie­ri, from the USA, We­sport and al­so from near­by Chi­na wi­th Hey­sea fir­st ti­mer at the Sin­ga­po­re Ya­cht Show. Ob­viou­sly the­re we­re se­ve­ral stands de­di­ca­ted to pro­vi­de ser­vi­ces and main­ly the Mo­na­co Ya­cht Show one, whi­ch clear­ly un­der­sco­res how fun­da­men­tal it is to crea­te a net­work de­di­ca­ted to lu­xu­ry ya­ch­ting, as con­fir­med by the pre­sen­ce of Asia Pa­ci­fic Su­pe­rya­cht As­so­cia­tion, of Mo­na­co’s tou­ri­st bu­reau and al­so se­ve­ral other in­ter­na­tio­nal­ly well ra­ted shi­pyards that wan­ted to be at the event whi­ch has clear­ly be­co­me a re­fe­ren­ce point for the lo­cal mar­ket and it al­so pro­vi­des an op­por­tu­ni­ty for eve­ryo­ne to meet up and en­joy the fi­reworks, the en­ter­tai­ning even­ts whi­le sip­ping cham­pa­gne and so on. Ju­st to men­tion a few na­mes, it was ea­sy to re­co­gni­ze Car­la De­ma­ria from Mon­te Car­lo Ya­ch­ts, Her­vé Ga­sti­nel from Bé­né­teau Group, Mas­si­mo Pe­rot­ti from San­lo­ren­zo, Ro­se Da­men from Amels, Dick Van Lent from Fead­ship, Mi­chael Bre­man from Lürs­sen, Jean Paul Cha­pe­lau from Jean­neau and Pre­sti­ge and de­si­gner Espen Øi­no. No soo­ner the eighth edi­tion of the Sin­ga­po­re Ya­cht Show was over, that the or­ga­ni­zing bo­dy ma­de ar­ran­ge­men­ts for the next edi­tion whi­ch will be held in the splen­did and wel­co­ming ONE° 15 Ma­ri­na from April 11th to 19th 2019. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: www.sin­ga­po­reya­ch­

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