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Superyacht - - Project & Design -

wi­th fi­xed or lif­ting keel whi­le fo­re­seeing se­ve­ral lay­out op­tions but al­ways wi­th suf­fi­cient ca­bins in whi­ch to ho­st eight guests and six crew. Fur­ther­mo­re se­ve­ral op­tions ha­ve been en­vi­sio­ned ac­cor­ding to the ex­tent and ty­pe of use. The­re’s the Re­gat­ta whi­ch pro­po­ses a mo­re per­for­ming rig, whi­le World Voya­ge will car­ry wha­te­ver is re­qui­red in terms of sa­fe­ty gear and tech­no­lo­gy wi­th whi­ch to ex­plo­re the world’s even re­mo­te­st areas. Eco will sport an ex­tra bat­te­ry bank to en­su­re “si­lent nights”. Mo­reo­ver fol­lo­wing the pur­cha­se of a mo­del from the Pu­ra li­ne, Royal Hui­sman of­fers a pac­ka­ge con­si­sting in pre- pro­gram­med main­te­nan­ce at a fi­xed co­st, year round 24h as­si­stan­ce, re­mo­te mo­ni­to­red sy­stems that work in real ti­me wi­th an en­gi­neer to as­si­st from re­mo­te con­trol. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: Royal Hui­sman Shi­pyard; Fle­vo­weg 1, PO BOX 23, 8325 ZG Vol­le­n­ho­ve, The Ne­ther­lands; tel. +31 0527 243131; www.roya­lhui­ ya­ch­[email protected]­lhui­

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