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part­ner wi­th 25%. “We’re firm­ly con­vin­ced about this in­vest­ment” said Edoar­do Ta­bac­chi who is al­so vi­ce pre­si­dent at Pe­ri­ni Na­vi. “This yard re­pre­sen­ts a ma­jor mi­le­sto­ne in a ma­de in Ita­ly con­text, whi­ch has con­tri­bu­ted in ma­king qua­li­ty a con­si­de­ra­ble as­set whi­ch has en­gen­de­red in­no­va­tion th­rou­ghout the en­ti­re sec­tor. We ha­ve great pro­jec­ts for the fo­re­seea­ble fu­tu­re. Cur­ren­tly we ha­ve an or­der book wor­th 130 mil­lion Eu­ro”. The per­son who will im­ple­ment the chan­ge will be, mo­re than anyo­ne el­se Lam­ber­to Ta­co­li who has been in the con­trols room for a year, he com­men­ted as fol­lo­ws: “Af­ter ha­ving to do wi­th mo­tor pro­pel­led ships for ma­ny years I ha­ve learnt to ap­pre­cia­te this new world I find en­thu­sing. We’ve de­ci­ded to stop pro­du­cing ships bran­ded by Pic­chiot­ti. It is dif­fi­cult enou­gh as it is wi­th ju­st one brand, wi­th two to hand­le it ‘s too mu­ch. We are cur­ren­tly re­newing se­ve­ral aspec­ts of our ran­ge. The all new E-vo­lu­tion li­ne stands out for the hulls’ fea­tu­res – they’re hi­ghly per­for­ming, de­si­gned to of­fer mo­re spa­ce and vo­lu­me and

bet­ter mo­re com­for­ta­ble ac­cess to the sea. Con­tem­po­ra­ry ex­te­riors are the li­ne’s lea­ding ele­ment cur­ren­tly wi­th a 42m, a 47m wi­th fly-brid­ge and a 56m. The­re’s work in pro­gress on two 42 me­tre ya­ch­ts de­si­gned by Rei­chel Pu­gh. Ope­ning our doors to ex­ter­nal de­si­gners is al­so con­struc­ti­ve in­no­va­tion. We’re loo­king at mo­re su­stai­na­ble po­wer hou­ses as well, wi­th hy­brids whi­ch will al­low ships to crui­se in elec­tric mo­de and /or wi­th die­sels”. “Ta­king the lead in gui­ding this brand car­ries wi­th it con­si­de­ra­ble re­spon­si­bi­li­ty, but al­so great sa­ti­sfac­tion. We’ve ta­ken im­por­tant de­ci­sions to rea­ch out to new mar­ke­ts, whi­le con­so­li­da­ting what we ha­ve and stay­ing clo­se to our clien­te­le.this la­te­st edition of the Pe­ri­ni Na­vi Cup was at­ten­ded by re­cord num­bers whi­ch trans­la­tes in­to a sin­ce­re li­king for the brand and yard”. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: Pe­ri­ni Na­vi; Via Mi­che­le Cop­pi­no 114, 55049 Via­reg­gio (LU); tel. +39 0584 4241; www.pe­ri­ni­na­vi.it – in­[email protected]­ri­ni­na­vi.it

E-vo­lu­tion 47 m

E-vo­lu­tion 42 m

Voya­ger 56 m

E-vo­lu­tion 56 m

Voya­ger 76 m

Nau­ta 42 m

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