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Back in 1976, a 29 year old Ita­lian craf­tsman de­si­gner Pie­ri­no Per­si­co set up a com­pa­ny de­sti­ned to ma­ke hi­sto­ry in a sec­tor that in that pe­riod was not in the foun­der’s mind at all: ra­cing boa­ts. Well from Ame­ri­ca Cup teams to Imo­ca ones and The Vol­vo Ocean Ra­ce, right up to the Wal­ly. The clien­ts of this Nem­bro shi­pyard near Ber­ga­mo in nor­th Ita­ly re­pre­sent the top end of the ya­ch­ting world. We asked Mar­cel­lo the foun­der’s son who has been at the helm of Per­si­co Ma­ri­ne sin­ce 2009 how is it that this vir­tuous rea­li­ty of Ita­lian en­tre­pre­neur­ship has ma­na­ged to earn re­spect enou­gh in the dif­fi­cult world of ya­ch­ting to the point of ob­tai­ning or­ders from eve­ry cor­ner of the world.

Mi­ster Per­si­co, can you tell us so­me­thing about the ori­gins of the yard in a few words? Per­si­co Ma­ri­ne is 100% ow­ned by Grup­po Per­si­co. It con­tri­bu­tes wi­th 15% of the to­tal sum in­voi­ced. The Group whi­ch is con­trol­led by the fa­mi­ly in­voi­ces 175 mil­lion eu­ro, it in­clu­des two “si­ster” com­pa­nies, na­me­ly Per­si­co au­to­mo­ti­ve and Per­si­co In­du­strial. The fir­st of the­se two re­pre­sen­ts the Group’s “co­re bu­si­ness” – mea­ning the production of moulds and plan­ts for the in­te­riors of mo­tor cars, but main­ly the mo­re no­ble parts li­ke the li­nings of doors and da­sh boards. To do this we de­ploy va­rious ty­pes of ma­te­rial, of­ten enou­gh the ma­te­rials de­ployed are noi­se dam­pe­ning wi­th ther­mal in­su­la­tion, we can al­so print skin wi­th be­lie­ve or not stit­ching in­clu­ded! Bet­ween Ita­ly and De­troit whe­re we ha­ve ano­ther ma­nu­fac­tu­ring plant we cur­ren­tly em­ploy about 500 peo­ple. As for the In­du­strial di­vi­sion, well that’s whe­re we print pla­stics and ther­mal pla­stic for the in­du­stry.

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