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Superyacht - - Contents - Interview wi­th Cor­ra­di­no Cor­bò

Gulf Craft is the fir­st shi­pyard de­di­ca­ted to ya­cht buil­ding in the midd­le Ea­st to ha­ve ta­ken up a strong po­si­tion in in­ter­na­tio­nal mar­ke­ts. It was foun­ded by Mo­ham­med bi­n­hus­sein Al­shaa­li the cur­rent pre­si­dent, back in 1982. To­day the yard’s ran­ge goes from an en­try le­vel of 27’ up to 175’ th­rou­gh se­ve­ral li­nes na­me­ly: Ma­je­sty Ya­ch­ts, No­mad Ya­ch­ts, Sil­ver­craft and Oryx. A new 200’ Ma­je­sty is on the way to com­ple­tion. So as to com­pe­te wi­th big brand na­mes the com­pa­ny whi­ch em­ploys about 1,600 staff wi­th pre­mi­ses along the Aj­man coa­st and wi­th plan­ts al­so in the near­by emi­ra­te of Umm Al-qu­wain – has had to de­ve­lop a pro­duc­ti­ve sy­stem of the hi­ghe­st qua­li­ty, by adop­ting cut­ting ed­ge tech­no­lo­gy. Chief Exe­cu­ti­ve Of­fi­cer Gre­go­ry Yea­kle was ta­ken on in Ju­ne 2018 to ta­ke the helm and up­gra­de trai­ning tech­ni­ques and up­da­te ma­na­ge­ment. His own trai­ning co­mes from Ca­li­for­nia ori­gi­nal­ly, he’s an ex­pert in com­pa­ny or­ga­ni­sa­tion and ma­na­ge­ment. On the ba­sis of the know how gai­ned in this field at Ale­xan­der Prou­d­foot and in other im­por­tant com­pa­nies su­ch as In­for­mix, In­ven­sys and for over a de­ca­de as glo­bal head of the Oil and Gas di­vi­sion at Ac­cu­dy­ne In­du­stries and MD at Mil­ton Roy and Do­sa­tron, I met up wi­th him in the cour­se of the la­te­st In­ter­na­tio­nal Ya­ch­ting Fe­sti­val in Can­nes. From oil rigs to su­pe­rya­ch­ts how great is the step? It all de­pends from whi­ch view point you are loo­king. As far as I’m con­cer­ned the ex­pe­rien­ce I gai­ned in that field was use­ful to me in un­der­stan­ding how im­por­tant the is­sue “sa­fe­ty” is abo­ve any other and I firm­ly be­lie­ve this mu­st be equal­ly im­por­tant in re­crea­tio­nal ya­ch­ting, I feel at ea­se in this sec­tor as well. Li­kewi­se eve­ry ti­me I go out to sea wi­th fa­mi­ly or friends to spend a re­la­xing week end, the fir­st thing I want to be su­re about is that eve­ry­thing goes smoo­thly wi­th no pro­blems. I think the prin­ci­ple ap­plies to eve­ryo­ne. So do you con­si­der your­self a boa­ter in your free ti­me?

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