Mee­tings: 28th Mo­na­co Ya­cht Show - At­ten­dees di­mi­ni­sh, bu­si­ness in­crea­ses


Superyacht - - Contents - by Lam­ber­to Bal­le­ri­ni

The la­te­st news al­beit so­mewhat of a pa­ra­dox at fir­st glan­ce is the fol­lo­wing: A drop in the num­ber of vi­si­tors at this la­te­st 28th edition of the Mo­na­co Ya­cht Show by com­pa­ri­son to the 2017 edition – 30,300 this year again­st 36,400 in the cour­se of the 27th edition held la­st year. But the or­ga­ni­sing bo­dy was sa­ti­sfied by the re­sult ob­tai­ned. The rea­son for this, is that in the smal­le­st so­ve­rei­gn sta­te in the world in terms of si­ze (wi­th a sur­fa­ce area of on­ly 2 squa­re ki­lo­me­tres), se­lec­tion and op­ti­mi­sa­tion are the pas­swords for eve­ry ac­ti­vi­ty. Ha­ving suc­ces­sful­ly ma­na­ged to fil­ter and re­strict ac­cess th­rou­gh the ga­tes lea­ding in­to Port Her­cu­les has been con­si­de­red an un­di­spu­ted suc­cess. The event now ta­kes up near­ly all of the port whi­ch trans­la­tes in­to mo­re room ma­de avai­la­ble to ex­hi­bi­tors. The MYS, whi­ch has be­co­me a lot ea­sier to vi­sit thanks to zo­nes ar­ran­ged by the­mes, has al­lo­wed vi­si­ting par­ties to con­cen­tra­te mo­re on their sec­tors of in­te­re­st, bo­th along the quay­si­des and in­si­de ten­sio­ned struc­tu­res. In a nu­tshell the “scree­ning” per­for­med has paid off and shi­pyards and bro­kers ali­ke ha­ve ap­pre­cia­ted this grea­tly and la­ter de­cla­red ha­ving en­joyed mo­re qua­li­ta­ti­ve, mo­re in­te­re­sting con­tac­ts than in pre­vious edi­tions. This is tan­ta­mount to say­ing: mo­re and bet­ter in­cli­ned vi­si­tors wil­ling to pur­cha­se or rent than be­fo­re.

The po­li­cy con­cer­ning se­lec­tion has pro­ved its suc­cess. It de­ri­ves from the de­si­re to op­ti­mi­se spa­ces whi­le pri­vi­le­ging the mo­st pro­mi­sing vi­si­tors.

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