Do­mi­na­tor Ilu­men 28 m Ca­det V

Superyacht - - Ilumen Dominator 28m Cadet V -

The en­gi­nes dif­fer as well and their weight sa­ving car­bon HPH (Hi­gh Per­for­man­ce Hull) adap­ts well to bo­th so­lu­tions (25% less weight when com­pa­red to a stan­dard hull of the sa­me si­ze). Bo­th ya­ch­ts sport se­mi-di­spla­cing hulls, whi­le the­re’s al­so a se­mi-pla­ning op­tion avai­la­ble. “Za­lan­ka” is equip­ped wi­th two Rein­t­jes For­t­jes pods, whi­le “Ca­det V” sports a mo­re tra­di­tio­nal V-dri­ve. Bo­th mo­dels whi­ch owe their taught ed­gy looks fea­tu­ring lar­ge floor to cei­ling gla­zed pa­nel­ling thanks to Ita­lian De­si­gner Al­ber­to Man­ci­ni pos­sess ad hoc in­te­rior de­cor as pre­viou­sly men­tio­ned. Lu­ca Ca­ti­no and Giu­lia Si­gi­smon­di hand­led the in­te­rior de­cor on “Za­lan­ka” whi­ch pri­vi­le­ges bru­shed oak es­sen­ces and po­li­shed ebo­ny from Pie­ro Lis­so­ni’s col­lec­tion, glas­sware and Ve­tri­te by Di Si­cis, floo­ring by Pial­la­to and fi­ne fa­bric by Her­mès whi­ch crea­te so­phi­sti­ca­ted, wel­co­ming and bright areas. The in­te­riors in “Ca­det V” (in the pho­to­gra­ph) boa­st a great deal of ma­ple in di­ver­se hues of blue and grey whi­ch con­tra­st the pat­terns of the floo­ring, and de­li­ca­te Fo­gliz­zo fa­brics and sue­de. A Lo­ren­zo Quinn sculp­tu­re en­ri­ches the dra­wing room area wi­th two works of art by Ste­fa­no Cur­to and a thou­sand Swaro­v­ski cry­stals. The in­te­rior lay­ou­ts are al­so dif­fe­rent, bo­th ha­ve been de­si­gned wi­th tri-di­men­sio­nal soft­ware to un­der­stand how to be­st ex­ploit eve­ry avai­la­ble spa­ce ta­king in­to ac­count weight

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