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pri­ses for the fre­sh­ness of its aro­ma whi­ch re­calls ho­ney, spi­ces, dried fruit and even cho­co­la­te. Mil­le­si­ma­to Ri­ser­va d’an­tan is not on­ly whi­te but al­so Ro­sé. This wi­ne­ry al­so pro­du­ces Pi­not Ro­sa Chia­ra ob­tai­ned from whi­te Cor­te­se gra­pes and black Pi­not Ne­ro the re­sult is a plea­sing Ro­sé wi­th a cher­ry li­ke co­lour and light co­ral hues wi­th tra­ces of oran­ge and ro­se­hips. The Pi­not Ne­ro is pro­du­ced un­der the su­per­vi­sion of Bor­deaux Uni­ver­si­ty pro­fes­sors it is aged for about a cou­ple of years in Fren­ch oak bar­rels. This wine is de­ci­ded­ly smoo­th and when ta­sted it de­li­vers tra­ces of spi­ces, cher­ry to a grea­ter de­gree and ber­ries. Pie­mon­te Ro­sa­to is ob­tai­ned from Bar­be­ra and Pi­not Ne­ro gra­pes that ha­ve been pres­sed lightly and fer­men­ted at con­trol­led tem­pe­ra­tu­re. It is aro­ma­tic and smoo­th but not sweet. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: La Scol­ca; Stra­da per Ro­ve­re­to 170/ r, 15066 Ga­vi ( AL); tel. + 39 0143 682176, fax 0143 682197; www. la­scol­ca. net

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