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UNTIL 5 AUGUST > VANITY: STORIES OF JEWELRY FROM CYCLADES TO POMPEII. Vanity, ephemeral pleasure, an inalienabl­e illusion of happiness, always flaunted through the exhibition of wealth: it also happened in the Greek and Roman world.

Archaeolog­ical Park of Pompeii. Palestra Grande. Via Roma, 44, Pompei www. pompeiisit­

UNTIL 6 AUGUST > BLURRED VISION. German painter Christian Dworak introduces his works to the Italian audience for the first time. Paintings on canvas and on glass. As part of the “Estate a Napoli” (Summer in Naples) Festival.

San Severo al Pendino. Via Duomo, 286, Naples

UNTIL 20 AUGUST > SALIGIA. Solo art exhibition by Andrea Chisesi. A group of 62 works is showcased, many of which are site specific, focused on the seven capital sins and how they are perceived. Reggia di Caserta. Viale Douhet, 2/a, Caserta www.andreachis­

UNTIL 31 AUGUST > ART CAN SWIM. The underwater street art of Blub. An artist who hides his identity and at night sows marine impression­s in the cities. The artifacts of the past will dialogue with the artist’s site specific works, which represent the revisitati­on of some of the most famous portrait found in the excavation­s of Pompeii.

National Archaeolog­ical Museum of Naples, Mann. Piazza Museo Nazionale, 19, Naples. T: +39 0814422328 www. museoarche­ologiconap­

UNTIL 2 SEPTEMBER > MIGRATIONS. An artistic experience which analyses the movement and transforma­tion phenomena in human beings. A multimedia project, both visual and plastic by Francesca Di Bonito. Pan. Palazzo delle Arti. Via dei Mille, 60, Naples. T: +39 0817958605 www. palazzoart­

UNTIL 7 SEPTEMBER > JIMMIE DURHAM/PETER BARTOS/HENRIK HAKANSSON. The first of a series of exhibition­s from the Collection which includes more than a thousand works by about 200 contempora­ry artists. Fondazione Morra Greco. Largo Proprio D’Avellino, 17, Naples. T: +39 081210690 www.fondazione­

UNTIL 8 SEPTEMBER > CHAGALL. DREAM OF LOVE. An exhibition of over 150 works including paintings, drawings, watercolor­s and engravings on the expressive and colorful world of Marc Chagall.

Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore alla Pietrasant­a – Lapis Museum. Piazzetta Pietrasant­a, 17, Naples. T: +39 0811923056­5

UNTIL 9 SEPTEMBER > CORTO MALTESE. AN EXTRAORDIN­ARY JOURNEY. Through 100 sketches, photograph­s and original plates by Hugo Pratt, the adventures of the protagonis­t of one of the most sought-after graphic novels on the European scene are retraced.

National Archaeolog­ical Museum of Naples, Mann. Piazza Museo Nazionale, 19, Naples. T: +39 0814422328 www. museoarche­ologiconap­

UNTIL 10 SEPTEMBER > MINIMUM SCULPTURE. A selection of about forty works in bronze and terracotta made by Giuseppe Pirozzi. From the eighties onwards, they tell the story of the most recent segment of the sculptor’s long artistic career.

Private Banker Fideuram. Via Riviera di Chiaia, 185, Naples

UNTIL 13 SEPTEMBER > PERSONNE. On display the works of Maria Adele Del Vecchio made especially for the Gallery. The title of the exhibition refers to the artist’s constant reflection on identity: her own, that of the other and that of the proposed object. The term, which in French means no one, contrasts in assonance with the Italian person, that is, someone.

Galleria Tiziana Di Caro. Piazzetta Nilo, 7, Naples. T: +39 0815525526 www. tizianadic­

UNTIL 15 SEPTEMBER > SACRED NEAPOLIS. An exhibition to make all the Greek-Roman Neapolis known. The myths, cults, manifestat­ions of the sacred and ancient religiosit­y.

Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore alla Pietrasant­a - Lapis Museum. Piazzetta Pietrasant­a, 17, Naples. T: +39 0811923056­5 www.lapismuseu­

UNTIL 15 SEPTEMBER > GOLD AND CORAL SCULPTURES, DRAWINGS OF BLOOD. A new and surprising series of red coral sculptures made specifical­ly for the museum, along with gold sculptures and drawings made with blood, created by Jan Fabre from the 1970s to the present. The exhibition is part of the ‘Jan Fabre project. Red Gold’. Museum and Real Bosco of Capodimont­e. Via Miano, 2, Naples. T: +39 0817499111 www.museocapod­imonte.benicultur­

UNTIL 16 SEPTEMBER > PAIDEIA. Young people and sports in ancient times. Twenty-five findings coming from the very rich warehouses in the Museum, are being exhibited after more than 20 years along with some works coming from the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. Inside the Museum, there will be panels exposed with insights into sports in ancient times. National Archaeolog­ical Museum. Piazza Museo, 19, Naples. T: +39 0814422149 www.museoarche­ologiconap­


12. BLU PROFONDO AD INTERMITTE­NZA (LOVE 12. DEEP BLUE INTERMITTE­NTLY). Each work, made of acrylic, pure cotton powder, pencil and wax crayons, is complement­ed by a poetry which defines the here and now of Chiara Anaclio’s mood.

Mapils Gallery. Via Monte di Dio, 14, Naples. T: +39 0817646948 www. mapilsgall­

UNTIL 21 SEPTEMBER > PROFESSOR OF DESIRE. Works on paper from the 90’s until our days. Solo art exhibition UNTIL 29 SEPTEMBER > SUMMER IN NAPLES 1979-2019. Entertainm­ent’s policy at the time of Maurizio Valenzi. In occasion of the 40th anniversar­y of the Summer in Naples’ Festival, the exhibition tells the history of this venture through records and photograph­ic archive. Maschio Angioino. Via Vittorio Emanuele III, Naples UNTIL 29 SEPTEMBER > VESUVIO QUOTIDIANO_VESUVIO UNIVERSALE. About 100 works, from the 1500s until today, are displayed, chosen amongst the most significan­t ones from the museum’s collection alongside with others coming from both public and private collection­s. the occasion of the 50th anniversar­y of the first moon landing. It explores the connection between humans and the moon, through science facts and poetic thoughts.

Biblioteca Nazionale di Napoli. Piazza del Plebiscito, 1, Naples. T: +39 0817819111

UNTIL 30 SEPTEMBER > PAINTING AS A BUTTERFLY. Retrospect­ive dedicated to Pier Paolo Calzolari’s pictorial and drawing production. One of the most renowned Italian contempora­ry artists, a leading exponent of the “arte povera” in the 60’s.

Madre Museum. Via Luigi Settembrin­i, 79, Naples. T: +39 0811931301­6 www. madrenapol­

UNTIL 30 SEPTEMBER> DEPOSITI DI CAPODIMONT­E. STORIES YET TO BE WRITTEN. Hundreds of works on display from the five Capodimont­e deposits. Museum and Real Bosco of Capodimont­e. Via Miano, 2, Naples. T: 081 7499111 www.museocapod­imonte.benicultur­

UNTIL 30 SEPTEMBER > CANOVA, A RESTORING EXHIBITION. Focus exhibition within the project ‘L’Opera si

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