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ARCHIVIO DI STATO DI NAPOLI. Sixty linear kilometers of documents. An important reference point in Europe for research in the field of medieval, modern and contempora­ry history. Piazzetta del Grande Archivio, 5, Naples. T: +39 0815638111 www.archiviodi­statonapol­

ARCHIVIO STORICO DEL BANCO DI NAPOLI. 330 rooms collect bank documents ranging from mid-1550 to the present day. Via dei Tribunali, 213, Naples. T: +39 081449400 www. fondazione­banconapol­

BIBLIOTECA FRA' LANDOLFO CARACCIOLO. It houses hundreds of ancient texts, dozens of marble finds and paintings dating from the fourteenth century and archives of noble families. Via dei Tribunali, 316, Naples. T: +39 081454948 www. biblioteca­sanlorenzo­


It possesses a patrimony of about 19,000 manuscript­s, 4563 incunabula, 1792 Herculaneu­m papyrus, about 1,800,000 printed volumes and over 8300 periodical­s. Piazza del Plebiscito, 1, Naples. T: +39 0817819111

BIBLIOTECA UNIVERSITA­RIA. It owns a patrimony of about 900 thousand volumes. Via Giovanni Paladino, 39, Naples. T: +39 0815517025 www. biblioteca­universita­rianapoli.benicultur­

COMPLESSO DEI GIROLAMINI. It has become a National Monument since 1866. It includes the monumental church, paintings and the famous library. Via Duomo, 142, Naples. T: +39 0812294571

SOCIETÀ NAPOLETANA DI STORIA PATRIA. About 350,000 printed monographi­c volumes, periodical­s, brochures, manuscript­s, parchments, prints and drawings of southern interest. Maschio Angioino, Naples. T: +39 0815510353 www.storiapatr­

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