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BASILICA DI SAN DOMENICO MAGGIORE. Among the many artistic points of interest of the basilica are the frescoed ceiling by Francesco Solimena and the sculptural works, including the high altar by Cosimo Fanzago. Piazza S. Domenico Maggiore, 8, Naples. T: +39 081459188

BASILICA REALE PONTIFICIA DI SAN FRANCESCO DI PAOLA. Its circular shape recalls the Pantheon of Rome. Outside, under a magnificen­t colonnade, you can see the statues of the four cardinal virtues and the three theologica­l virtues. On either side of the staircase you will find two equestrian statues of King Ferdinand and his father, Charles III of Spain. Piazza del Plebiscito, Naples. T: +39 0817645133

CERTOSA DI SAN MARTINO. A national monument since 1866, houses the National Museum of San Martino, featuring a large exhibition of cribs by masters of the Neapolitan school. The three-floor gardens and cloisters are worth a visit. Largo S. Martino, 5, Naples. T: +39 0815781769

CHIESA DEL GESÙ NUOVO. Its interior is spacious and bright, with a rich coating of colored marbles and typical Neapolitan Florid Frescoes. Particular­ly noteworthy are the sculptural work and the polychrome marble floor. Piazza del Gesù, Naples. T: +39 0815518613

COMPLESSO MONUMENTAL­E DI SANTA CHIARA. It includes a Church, a Monastery and a Convent. Behind the church is the Cloister of Clarisse, decorated with bright majolica tiles. Via S. Chiara, 49/C, Naples. T: +39 0815516673 www.santachiar­ – www.monasterod­isantachia­

DUOMO. Known as the Cathedral of San Gennaro or the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta. From the right aisle of the central nave is the Chapel of San Gennaro, which also serves as the Cathedral Treasury. Via Duomo, 147, Naples. T: +39 081449097

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