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NAPOLI SOTTERRANE­A. In its undergroun­d passages and walls made from yellow tuff, you can still see the indelible signs and traces of Neapolitan history. Piazza San Gaetano, 68, Naples. T: +39 081296944 www.napolisott­

PALAZZO DELLE ARTI DI NAPOLI, PAN. It offers vast exhibition space, consultati­on areas, services and tools targeted at the study of the works and protagonis­ts of contempora­ry art forms. Via dei Mille, 60. Via dei Mille, 60, Naples. T: +39 0817958605 www.palazzoart­

PALAZZO REALE. The nucleus of the entire building is the Royal Apartment which can be accessed via a monumental white marble stairway with a double ramp whose lower part is decorated with allegoric basreliefs. Piazza del Plebiscito, Naples. T: +39 0815808111

REAL ALBERGO DEI POVERI. One of the largest, most imposing buildings in Europe. It was designed by architect Ferdinando Fuga in 1751. Piazza Carlo III, Naples. T: +39 0815636062

TEATRO AUGUSTEO. One of the most famous theatres in Naples, it is known for its big-budget performanc­es including musicals, plays, comedies, dance and prose. Piazzetta Duca d’Aosta, 263, Naples. T: +39 081414243 www.teatroaugu­

TEATRO BELLINI. It can be visited during the day. Visitors can climb its narrow staircase leading to the small rehearsal room that houses billboards of old performanc­es. Via Conte di Ruvo, 14, Naples. T: +39 0815491266 www. teatrobell­

TEATRO DI SAN CARLO. It is the Oldest Opera House in Europe, built 41 years before La Scala in Milan and 55 years before la Fenice in Venice. It has 3,300 seats and pitch perfect acoustics. Via San Carlo, 98, Naples. T: +39 0817972331 www.teatrosanc­

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