STREAMLINEBEAUTY D Il bel­lo non in­gom­bra lo spa­zio

Ar­chi­tect and poe­tic craf­ter of smoo­th forms Mi­che­le De Luc­chi’s vi­sion La vi­sio­ne di Mi­che­le De Luc­chi, ar­chi­tet­to e poe­ta del­le for­me le­vi­ga­te

Top Yacht Design - - Profile - By Ga­ia Gras­si pho­to Gio­van­ni Mal­ga­ri­ni

The year ju­st en­ding was an im­por­tant one for ar­chi­tect got off to a fly­ing start whi­ch was the mo­st vi­si­ted at con­ti­nued in good vein wi­th the ope­ning of the re­no­va­ted spa­ce in sub­tly de­si­gned bac­k­drop and new per­ma­nent ho­me for Mi­che­lan­ge­lo Luc­chi’s third no­tewor­thy pro­ject de­si­gn for a stun­ning boat show stand for Azimut Ya­ch­ts whi­ch ma­de its fir­st ou­ting at the Can­nes spo­ke to the le­gen­da­ry ar­chi­tect re­cen­tly in his aMDL stu­dio in us in a wood-li­ned of­fi­ce was man Un an­no im­por­tan­te per l’ar­chi­tet­to pro­get­to del pa­di­glio­ne più vi­si­ta­to Ze­ro che in­tro­du­ce­va la vi­si­ta del si­to espo­si­ti­vo svol­gen­do il de­li­ca­to “non-al­le­sti­men­to” del nuo­vo Mu­seo che ac­co­glie l’ul­ti­mo ca­po­la­vo­ro di so­la­men­te di due dei suoi la­vo­ri dei Ma ba­sta cam­bia­re set­to­re e pas­sa­re un suo ter­zo pro­get­to de­gno di no­ta: du­ran­te il Can­nes Ya­ch­ting un av­vi­ci­na­men­to di Mi­che­le De Luc­chi al mondo del­lo ya­ch­ting e che Tan­to da an­dar­lo a tro­va­re nel

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