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De­ve­lo­ped by Mi­chel Sau­get and Fra­nçois An­goul­vant and sold by Gree­ment Cou­rant ( DAME­rNu­bi­sa­new­no­mi­na­ted sphe­ri­cal fric­tion block. It se­rious loads. Svi­lup­pa­to da Mi­chel Sau­get e Fra­nçois An­goul­vant e com­mer­cia­liz­za­to da Gree­ment Cou­rant ( Nub è una pu­leg­gia sfe­ri­ca a fri­zio­ne che ha avu­to la no­mi­na­tion al DA­ME. Nub pe­sa può es­se­re mon­ta­to an­che su ca­vi in ten­sio­ne.

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