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From Fel­ci and ICE Ya­ch­ts

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Da Fel­ci e ICE Ya­ch­ts

As wi­th Ice Ya­ch­ts’ craft, the new 82 bears the stamp of Um­ber­to Fel­ci and Fel­ci Ya­cht De­si­gn. This great all-round crui­ser is the latest re­laun­ch from an ex­tre­me­ly dy­na­mic yard. It is built en­ti­re­ly from car­bon-fi­bre wi­th the re­sult that it mar­ries the off­sho­re pro­wess de­man­ded of long ocean ra­ces wi­th the ver­sa­ti­li­ty you need in the ever-chan­ging con­di­tions in the Me­di­ter­ra­nean. All wrap­ped up in hull clo­thed in new-ge­ne­ra­tion wa­ter­li­nes and com­ple­te wi­th a lif­ting keel that rai­ses from a ma­xi­mum dep­th of 5 me­tres to ju­st 2 so the Ice 82 will be able to get in­to any kind of moo­ring. A twin coc­k­pit wi­th two be­low-decks en­tries and semi-cu­stom interiors all add up as does the op­tion to ha­ve the ma­ster ca­bin ei­ther for­ward or aft on this latest of­fe­ring from Mar­co Mal­ga­ra’s yard.

Co­me per i pre­ce­den­ti mo­del­li la fir­ma è quel­la di Um­ber­to Fel­ci e del suo Fel­ci Ya­cht De­si­gn e co­sti­tui­sce l’ul­ti­mo ri­lan­cio di un can­tie­re estre­ma­men­te di­na­mi­co: Ice Ya­ch­ts. E il ri­lan­cio è un ra­cer­crui­ser dal­le ca­rat­te­ri­sti­che all­round. Stia­mo par­lan­do dell’Ice 82 che sa­rà co­strui­to in­te­ra­men­te in car­bo­nio e che ab­bi­na le pre­sta­zio­ni off­sho­re ri­chie­ste nel­le lun­ghe re­ga­te ocea­ni­che al­la ver­sa­ti­li­tà im­po­sta dal­le con­di­zio­ni mu­te­vo­li del Me­di­ter­ra­neo. Il tut­to rac­chiu­so in uno sca­fo dal­le li­nee d’ac­qua di ul­ti­ma ge­ne­ra­zio­ne com­ple­ta­to da una lif­ting keel, che con la sua escur­sio­ne di 2 me­tri dal­la mas­si­ma im­mer­sio­ne di 5 me­tri, per­met­te­rà all’Ice 82 di rag­giun­ge­re tut­ti gli ap­pro­di. Dop­pio poz­zet­to con al­tret­tan­ti in­gres­si sot­to­co­per­ta e in­ter­ni semi- cu­stom con la pos­si­bi­li­tà di col­lo­ca­re la ca­bi­na ar­ma­to­ria­le a pop­pa op­pu­re a prua, com­ple­ta­no l’ul­ti­ma no­vi­tà che vie­ne dal can­tie­re di Mar­co Mal­ga­ra.

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