Co­smos in the Sky

Luiz de Ba­sto’s la­te­st crea­tion is a fu­tu­re-for­ward, ful­ly-en­gi­nee­red, rea­dy-to-build ya­cht

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Spec­ta­cu­lar fu­tu­ri­stic but ra­ther uto­pian con­cep­ts abound in the nau­ti­cal sec­tor but so too do equal­ly fu­tu­re-for­ward, fla­w­les­sly en­gi­nee­red and thus ex­tre­me­ly buil­da­ble con­cep­ts that need on­ly a vi­sio­na­ry ow­ner to turn them in­to glo­rious rea­li­ty. The 90-me­tre Co­smos from Luiz De Ba­sto slo­ts firm­ly in­to the lat­ter ca­te­go­ry. The four- dec­ker has a slee­kly ra­ked bow and a low-slung stern. What se­ts it clean apart, ho­we­ver, is a gi­gan­tic steel and glass do­me that al­mo­st en­ti­re­ly co­vers what De Ba­sto calls the Sky Deck – nor­mal­ly the sun deck.

“The idea we star­ted from was the re­sult of years of try­ing to im­pro­ve con­tact wi­th na­tu­re for tho­se aboard,” ex­plains De Ba­sto. “The­re ha­ve been so­me ma­gni­fi­cent ideas, su­ch as fold- do­wn si­de bal­co­nies and bea­ch clubs, but all we­re fo­cu­sed on get­ting nea­rer to the sea. I, on the other hand, was loo­king for so­me­thing that would al­low guests to par­ti­ci­pa­te in eve­ry­thing bo­th around and abo­ve the boat,” the Ame­ri­can pen con­ti­nues. “So I asked my­self how I could achie­ve com­ple­te im­mer­sion in na­tu­re that would still gua­ran­tee guests’ sa­fe­ty and com­fort. The glass do­me idea has been used a lot in ci­vil ar­chi­tec­tu­re – the on­ly pro­blem was trans­fer­ring it to the nau­ti­cal are­na.” Un­de­ter­red by the hu­ge chal­len­ge, De Ba­sto tur­ned Ocean­co’s en­gi­nee­ring de­part­ment and Ja­mes O’Cal­la­ghan, ow­ner wi­th Brian Ec­ker­sley of EOC En­gi­neers, one of the

Co­smos has ni­ce sleek li­nes but its mo­st stri­king fea­tu­re is the glass do­me Le li­nee di Co­smos sono slan­cia­te, ma su tut­to do­mi­na il Glass Do­me

world’s lea­ding glass en­gi­nee­ring ex­perts. Ocean­co en­gi­nee­red the weight-bea­ring struc­tu­re whi­ch De Ba­sto felt had to be of a cer­tain height to avoid re­stric­ting views from the living area or ob­struct them on any si­de. “Even thou­gh it might look sim­ple, the Co­smos glass do­me is ac­tual­ly an ex­tre­me­ly com­plex struc­tu­re be­cau­se boa­ts mo­ve, roll and are su­b­ject to com­plex tor­sio­nal stres­ses. Ad­ded to that Co­smos al­so had to meet the main ya­cht cer­ti­fi­ca­tion re­qui­re­men­ts,”ex­plains De Ba­sto.

EOC En­gi­neers, on the other hand, dealt wi­th the gla­zing si­de of the equa­tion. “A lot of peo­ple said that a glass do­me li­ke this could end up being a night­ma­re be­cau­se of cold, heat or light,” says De Ba­sto. “They pro­ba­bly we­ren’t aware of the hu­ge pro­gress that’s been ma­de in the tech­no­lo­gy in this sec­tor. No­wa­days, a glass roof can de­li­ver the sa­me kind of am­bient con­di­tions as any other kind.” The gla­zing used on the Co­smos fil­ters out UV rays, is heat-in­su­la­ting and can be tin­ted un­til com­ple­te­ly blac­ked- out ei­ther whol­ly or in se­pa­ra­te sec­tions.

This means that, when re­qui­red, for in­stan­ce, the Co­smos do­me can ha­ve a sim­ple whi­te cei­ling wi­th si­de win­do­ws. So­me­thing that, in our hum­ble opi­nion, would be a bit of a wa­ste. De Ba­sto feels that the do­me ma­kes the per­fect loun­ge or sa­loon but ow­ners could equal­ly use it for the ma­ster sui­te or as a gi­gan­tic gym. Aft and ac­ces­sed th­rou­gh lar­ge sli­ding doors is a lar­ge al fre­sco deck area

Ne­que por­ro qui­squam est, qui do­lo­rem ip­sum quia do­lor sit amet

Ne­que por­ro qui­squam est, qui do­lo­rem ip­sum quia do­lor sit amet

wi­th hy­dro­mas­sa­ge tub and chill- out zo­ne. The re­main­der of the interiors ha­ve yet to be ful­ly de­fi­ned but are so cle­ver­ly mo­du­lar, the va­ria­tions are vir­tual­ly end­less. Ho­we­ver, the lo­wer deck will pro­ba­bly be gi­ven over to gue­st and crew quar­ters wi­th the main deck hou­sing the sa­loon and di­ning areas. The ma­ster sui­te and a fur­ther more pri­va­te in­for­mal sa­loon area will be on the up­per deck.

The Co­smos con­cept has ca­bin spa­ce for 12 guests wi­th the ma­ster aft on the up­per deck whe­re the­re is al­so a he­li­pad. Other ame­ni­ties in­clu­de a lar­ge main deck pool and a 12-me­tre ga­ra­ge for two li­mou­si­ne ten­ders and a ho­st of wa­ter toys. The­re is a ser­vi­ce area on all decks to ma­ke the crew’s work ea­sier too. They al­so ha­ve en­ti­re­ly se­pa­ra­te cor­ri­dors and wal­k­ways to gua­ran­tee ma­xi­mum gue­st pri­va­cy. For now, Co­smos re­mains a rea­dy-to-go con­cept. All it needs now is the right vi­sio­na­ry ow­ner.

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