A fa­st com­mu­ter for Ly­nx Ya­ch­ts

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Sleek ele­gant and fa­st, the Ly­nx Com­mu­ter de­si­gned by Doug Zurn has the li­nes of the 1930s craft on­ce used by the ri­ch and fa­mous of Long Island to zip from their Jay Ga­tsby-style man­sions on the Gold Coa­st to Wall Street and back. The on­ly dif­fe­ren­ce is that the 1930s fa­st com­mu­ters we­re built from wood whi­le the Zurn-pen­ned Ly­nx is alu­mi­nium and de­si­gned as a ten­der. The re­sult, ho­we­ver, is so gor­geous that Ly­nx is now thin­king of mar­ke­ting it as a day crui­ser as well. The Li­nx Com­mu­ter will pack two im­po­sing 1,900 hp Ca­ter­pil­lar en­gi­nes that will gi­ve a ve­ry nif­ty 45knot red-li­ne speed. In all, the boat can ta­ke 18 peo­ple aboard and has an en sui­te ca­bin in her bow sec­tion whi­ch was de­si­gned spe­ci­fi­cal­ly to pro­vi­de as much in­te­rior spa­ce as pos­si­ble.

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