Fin­can­tie­ri Ya­ch­ts’ “mi­nis”

Top Yacht Design - - Contents - By Giu­lia Trin­kaf

Aworld lea­der in fle­xi­ble, su­stai­na­ble and hi­gh-per­for­man­ce tech­ni­cal com­po­si­te ma­te­rials for con­struc­tion, fur­ni­shings, so­lar pro­tec­tion and in­du­stry, Fran­ce’s Ser­ge Fer­ra­ri Group al­so of­fers a full ran­ge of mem­bra­nes for the ya­cht in­du­stry. Kno­wn for their re­mar­ka­ble du­ra­bi­li­ty, UV-ray and mould re­si­stan­ce, light­ness and ea­se of main­te­nan­ce, the­se pro­duc­ts can be di­vi­ded in­to two groups de­pen­ding on their func­tion, pro­tec­ting boa­ts and equi­p­ment or pro­tec­ting the crew.

One new ar­ri­val is the Sta­moid Smart li­ne, ma­de using an ela­sto­mer tech­no­lo­gy that pro­vi­des hi­gh re­si­stan­ce to bad wea­ther, oils, hy­dro­car­bons and abo­ve all ex­tre­me tem­pe­ra­tu­res, making them ea­si­ly wa­sha­ble. Ser­ge Fer­ra­ri has al­so de­ve­lo­ped SK Steam Sea­ler re­sin to en­su­re du­ra­ble seams and a per­fect fi­ni­sh. Sta­moid Smart is avai­la­ble in two ver­sions,

Smart 1 for op­ti­mal pro­tec­tion of ma­ri­ne equi­p­ment, of­fe­ring boat co­vers and equi­p­ment co­vers, and Smart 2, a ma­te­rial that pro­vi­des per­fect scree­ning again­st UV rays for the crew and is an ideal ma­te­rial for ca­no­pies and bi­mi­nis. Sta­moid Smart co­mes wi­th a se­ven-year gua­ran­tee and its lack of bulk means it is easy to stow on board. The Ser­ge Fer­ra­ri col­lec­tion for ya­ch­ts al­so in­clu­des soft fa­brics wi­th a plea­sant feel that are ideal­ly-sui­ted for use as ya­cht uphol­ste­ry.

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