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“Tac­kling the Nor­th We­st Pas­sa­ge and do­cu­men­ting ma­ri­ne fau­na,” is how Can­tie­re del­le Mar­che co-foun­der and sa­les & mar­ke­ting di­rec­tor Va­sco Buon­pen­sie­re sums up the rai­son d’etre of the Nau­ta Air fleet’s new flag­ship, the Nau­ta Air 111, Hyh­mä. Her na­me is a Fin­ni­sh word whi­ch means “snow floa­ting on wa­ter” evo­king not ju­st the snowy, free­zing seas of the Arc­tic but al­so the emo­tio­nal te­nor of that re­mo­te area of the world. “The new Nau­ta Air 111 is a har­mo­nious mix of po­wer and beau­ty,” stres­ses Buon­pen­sie­re. De­si­gned for long-ran­ge na­vi­ga­tion, Hyh­mä has na­val ar­chi­tec­tu­re by Vri­pack whi­ch al­rea­dy has a slew of ex­plo­rers to its cre­dit. “We share Can­tie­re del­le Mar­che’s con­vic­tion that the­re is still a lot mo­re to di­sco­ver on this pla­net of ours and a ya­cht is the be­st way to do it,” ex­plains Vri­pack di­rec­tor Mar­nix Hoek­stra. “So we brought our ex­pe­rien­ce in de­li­ve­ring sa­fe­ty and com­fort un­der­way to the ta­ble.” The re­sult is a ya­cht clo­thed in po­wer­ful yet ele­gant li­nes wi­th a hi­gh bul­bous bow and a hull that rounds out aft of a flat bow sec­tion. Her con­struc­tion and spec means Hyh­mä will, in ty­pi­cal Can­tie­re del­le Mar­che style, be able to ne­go­tia­te world’s mo­st chal­len­ging seas wi­th com­ple­te con­fi­den­ce for ex­ten­ded pe­riods. Her en­gi­ne room is a hymn to qua­li­ty and func­tio­na­li­ty wi­th twin 500 kW Ca­ts en­su­ring she’ll go for 5,500 nau­ti­cal mi­les at ni­ne kno­ts. All of her on­board equi­p­ment has been dou­bled up too and wi­th a focus on lo­we­ring her en­vi­ron­men­tal im­pact, a vi­tal fac­tor for an ex­plo­rer ves­sel. “Her li­nes exu­de a so­ber, ele­gant po­wer

that I would go so far as to call se­duc­ti­ve,” Ma­rio Pe­dol of Nau­ta De­si­gn says of Hyh­mä’s sty­ling. She is a ge­nui­ne cha­me­leon, bo­th lu­xu­ry ya­cht and ex­plo­rer ves­sel at on­ce, a con­tem­po­ra­ry ta­ke on the old-school di­spla­ce­ment ya­cht. “This ex­plo­rer bril­lian­tly com­mu­ni­ca­tes her sea­kee­ping qua­li­ties th­rou­gh de­ci­si­ve li­nes and ge­ne­rous, ba­lan­ced vo­lu­mes.” Spread over th­ree decks plus a T-top, Hyh­mä’s long stret­ch of si­de win­do­wing and por­tho­les lend her a sen­se of dy­na­mi­sm and crea­te a sen­se of har­mo­nious vo­lu­mes. Nau­ta De­si­gn’s sty­li­stic re­sear­ch has pro­du­ced an ef­for­tless ba­lan­ce of ge­ne­rous ex­te­rior spa­ces and in­te­riors whi­ch, thanks to all tho­se aper­tu­res, im­part a sen­se of ge­nui­ne con­nec­tion wi­th the sea. The sa­loon on the main deck is a ca­se in point. Fea­tu­ring a di­ning area for­ward and a con­ver­sa­tion area aft, it mer­ges in­to a lar­ge open plan area wi­th the Pol­tro­na Frau-fur­ni­shed coc­k­pit on­ce its sli­ding doors are ope­ned. In­si­de Flex­form arm­chairs and soft oran­ge di­ning chairs from Pol­tro­na Frau’s Mon­te­ra col­lec­tion fea­tu­re. For­ward of the di­ning area and the gal­ley is the full-beam ma­ster sui­te whi­ch al­so in­clu­des a stu­dy and a be­droom wi­th its own sit­ting area. A bright dressing room al­so pre­ce­des the ba­th­room whe­re the­re is a lu­xu­rious steam sho­wer. Oak pre­do­mi­na­tes. The Flex­form ae­sthe­tic al­so reap­pears in the up­per deck sky loun­ge whi­ch opens on the aft ter­ra­ce whe­re the ten­der is lo­ca­ted but does not in­ter­fe­re in the lea­st wi­th the al fre­sco di­ning area. “Of­fe­ring the ow­ner and his guests am­ple out­door spa­ces was one of our prio­ri­ties,” ex­plains Ma­rio Pe­dol, poin­ting out the lar­ge ter­ra­ce wi­th di­ning area, bar and re­la­xa­tion zo­ne

on the sun deck. The lat­ter flank the other ter­ra­ce wi­th its C-sha­ped so­fa, ta­ble and sun pad for­ward of the brid­ge on the up­per deck. The gue­st ac­com­mo­da­tions are on the lo­wer deck whe­re Nau­ta Ya­cht has un­lea­shed all its ex­pe­rien­ce to crea­te the sen­se of spa­ce and ai­ri­ness of the up­per decks in the two VIP sta­te­rooms and two twin ca­bins wi­th Pull­man ber­ths. Al­so on the sa­me level are the crew quar­ters whi­ch con­nect di­rec­tly wi­th the main deck. We’ll gi­ve the la­st word to Va­sco Buon­pen­sie­re as he ex­plains ju­st how much this ex­plo­rer means to the yard: “Wi­th M/ Y Hyh­mä we ha­ve rea­ched a per­fect for­mu­la, mer­ging nor­thern Eu­ro­pean en­gi­nee­ring wi­th Ita­lian style and fle­xi­bi­li­ty in ma­na­ging a mul­ti­cul­tu­ral team of hi­ghly skil­led pro­fes­sio­nals. Hyh­mä is de­fi­ni­te­ly one of the pro­jec­ts whi­ch has crea­ted mo­re pa­thos and emo­tions in this shi­pyard, and we all feel her li­ke she is our daughter!”

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