In­tro­du­cing the 2nd Swan 78

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Wi­th a hull and bul­kheads in pre­preg glass/ car­bon-fi­bre and a deck and struc­tu­res in full va­cuum, oven- cu­red car­bon epo­xy sand­wi­ch wi­th Co­re­cell foam, the new Swan 78 is a so­phi­sti­ca­ted la­dy. So far two of the four exam­ples sold, Ha­ro­mi and Ki­ni­na, ha­ve spla­shed. The lo­ve­ly Swan 78’s con­struc­tion is the di­rect re­sult of the ex­pe­rien­ce the Pie­tar­saa­ri yard has built up me­ti­cu­lou­sly in the lar­ge ya­cht are­na sin­ce it fol­lo­wed up its de­but Swan, the 36, of 1967 wi­th the Swan 40, 43 and 34.

It quic­kly found its sea legs in this par­ti­cu­lar ni­che. So much so that when Nau­tor laun­ched the Spark­man & Ste­phens- de­si­gned Swan 55 flag­ship in 1970, it was one of the lar­ge­st com­po­si­te ya­ch­ts in the world. Now, ho­we­ver, it is the turn of the Swan 78 to ta­ke cen­tre sta­ge. Asi­de from en­cap­su­la­ting all the yard’s know-how, the new beau­ty re­flec­ts the way the evo­lu­tion of ya­cht de­si­gn has been dri­ven by round-the-world ra­ces and other off­sho­re even­ts, re­sul­ting in ever fa­ster, sa­fer and mo­re sta­ble craft. Need­less to say, Nau­tor’s Swan and Ger­man Frers ha­ve pou­red all their weal­th of kno­w­led­ge in­to the Swan 78. “She is the di­rect de­scen­dant of the ori­gi­nal Swan 80 and 82 models of the pa­st,” ex­plains Frers. “She is slightly shor­ter ove­rall - to meet the EC 24.00 me­tre leng­th ove­rall li­mi­ta­tion - bea­mier and mo­re po­wer­ful.

Her hull li­nes, wi­de stern abo­ve the wa­ter­li­ne, twin rud­ders and ra­cing- orien­ted keel de­si­gn are a re­flec­tion of the ra­pid evo­lu­tion of ya­cht de­si­gn in re­cent years.” At 23.98 me­tres in leng­th (22.18 along the wa­ter­li­ne) and 6.39

Ki­ni­na’s sa­loon has a ma­xi­mum beam of six me­tres and lar­ge win­do­ws

in the beam, the new Swan 78 has a wi­de stern abo­ve the wa­ter­li­ne and a slen­der bow. This su­bli­me com­bi­na­tion de­li­vers an ef­for­tless ba­lan­ce of per­for­man­ce and sea­kee­ping pro­wess. The deck plan too re­flec­ts the la­te­st trends in bluewa­ter sai­ling. “Wi­th its un­clut­te­red sur­fa­ces and sim­ple, li­near so­lu­tions for sail hand­ling and living the sea, the deck is ve­ry mo­dern in its de­si­gn,” un­der­sco­res Frers. The coa­chroof is sleek and ae­ro­dy­na­mic thanks to the se­mi-rai­sed sa­loon of­fe­ring great views from the in­te­rior. Ger­mán Frers has clo­thed it in ele­gant li­nes that crea­te a vo­lu­me that pro­tec­ts the coc­k­pit yet still crea­tes ex­tra spa­ce be­low decks. The re­sult is the kind of ma­je­stic mix of cur­ved li­nes and 360 de­gree win­do­wing that on­ly this great ma­ster could de­li­ver.

The hi­dea­way spray­hood and in­no­va­ti­ve fol­ding bi­mi­ni pro­tect guests in the lar­ge coc­k­pit whi­ch has two si­de C-so­fas but can al­so be or­ga­ni­sed in a choi­ce of other con­fi­gu­ra­tions in­clu­ding one wi­th a cen­tral pouf. Aft of the gue­st coc­k­pit is the twin wheel area whi­ch is bril­lian­tly de­si­gned to ma­ke li­fe ea­sier for the crew. The­re are fi­ve po­wer win­ches in the coc­k­pit (four to the si­de and one cen­tral for the main) and they are flan­ked by two others at the foot of the ma­st. Sail con­trols are great too and eve­ry­thing is op­ti­mi­sed to ma­ke wor­king sa­fe and ef­fi­cient for a short-han­ded crew. Be­hind the wheels is a com­ple­te­ly un­clut­te­red area whi­ch is mat­ched by ano­ther for­ward of the ma­st. Bo­th are great pla­ces to ju­st chill – gue­st hea­ven! The tran­som opens out too to form a 4-me­tre wi­de bea­ch plat­form. Mo­ving in­si­de, a choi­ce of two in­te­rior lay­ou­ts is of­fe­red wi­th

The 78’ is built from a glass and car­bon-fi­bre sand­wi­ch wi­th a Co­re­cell co­re

the ma­ster ca­bin ei­ther for­ward or aft – bo­th Ha­ro­mi and Ki­ni­na’s ow­ners went for the for­mer.

This de­li­vers a sui­te that stret­ches 4.5 me­tres in leng­th wi­th the dou­ble bed free on th­ree si­des, a de­sk and a lar­ge ba­th­room wi­th se­pa­ra­te sho­wer. Guests aboard bo­th boa­ts ha­ve a dou­ble for­ward of the ma­st ju­st be­fo­re the ma­ster and two other two-ber­th ca­bins aft of the sa­loon. The lat­ter is the cen­tre of li­fe aboard wi­th a beam of six me­tres and great win­do­wing.

The di­net­te is to star­board com­ple­te wi­th 10-sea­ter ta­ble. The crew quar­ters is aft and com­pri­ses a crew ca­bin and an Ame­ri­can-style gal­ley. Need­less to say, the­re is a chart ta­ble in the mix too. On­ce again this area is de­si­gned and exe­cu­ted to the stan­dards we’ve co­me to ex­pect from the Swans.

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Left, the twin ca­bin aboard Ki­ni­na. Pa­ge op­po­si­te: the ma­ster ca­bin. Bot­tom, one of the dou­bles.A si­ni­stra, la ca­bi­na a let­ti ge­mel­li di Ki­ni­na. Nel­la pa­gi­na a fian­co: so­pra, l'ar­ma­to­ria­le; in bas­so una del­le ma­tri­mo­nia­li.

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