Fin­can­tie­ri Ya­ch­ts turns its ga­ze on the 60 to 100-me­tre seg­ment

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It ju­st might be that Ch­ri­sto­pher Sey­mour is a fan of Har­ry Pot­ter or Greek li­te­ra­tu­re. He is, after all, the man re­spon­si­ble for chri­ste­ning the new Fin­can­tie­ri Ya­ch­ts se­ries un­vei­led la­st spring at the Ver­si­lia Ya­ch­ting Ren­dez-vous ‘Grif­fin’ and, of cour­se, that my­thi­cal creature plays a pi­vo­tal ro­le in bo­th the fa­mous no­vels and my­tho­lo­gy. Sey­mour feels that the clean, gra­ce­ful li­nes of the ya­ch­ts re­call the Grif­fin, a po­wer­ful­ly ma­je­stic my­thi­cal creature wi­th an ea­gle’s head and lion’s bo­dy said to ha­ve guar­ded pre­cious trea­su­re as well as lin­king ear­th and sky. A lit­tle li­ke Fin­can­tie­ri itself whi­ch trans­fer­red all the know-how it had ac­cu­mu­la­ted in buil­ding mi­li­ta­ry ships and crui­sers in­to its in­du­stry-lea­ding Fin­can­tie­ri Ya­ch­ts di­vi­sion, re­sul­ting in so­me of the mo­st gor­geous 100-me­tre-plus me­ga­ya­ch­ts afloat, not lea­st the 134-me­tre Se­re­ne and the 140-me­tre Ocean Victory.

The fact that tho­se skills could al­so be trans­fer­red to smal­ler ves­sels esca­ped the mar­ket’s no­ti­ce, but the Grif­fin Se­ries is a joy­ful re­min­der that will quic­kly mark Fin­can­tie­ri out as a pro­du­cer al­so of su­per­la­ti­ve 60 to 100-me­tre ya­ch­ts. “After ma­ny years of buil­ding ya­ch­ts of over 100 me­tres, we de­ci­ded the ti­me had co­me to focus on smal­ler

craft,” ex­plains Da­nie­le Fa­na­ra, Se­nior Vi­ce Pre­si­dent of Fin­can­tie­ri Ya­ch­ts. “Of cour­se, we will still be of­fe­ring the sa­me build qua­li­ty we’ve al­ways de­li­ve­red in our me­ga­ya­ch­ts in this new se­ries,” he adds.

The Grif­fin Se­ries spans 66, 77, 88 and 99-me­tre models wi­th ex­te­rior li­nes craf­ted by Ch­ri­sto­pher Sey­mour and in­te­riors by da Gui­do de Groot whi­le Carl Esch will su­per­vi­se de­si­gn ac­ti­vi­ties.

“Crea­ting the sa­me hull in four dif­fe­rent si­zes was a se­rious exer­ci­se for the de­si­gners,” con­ti­nues Da­nie­le Fa­na­ra. “We wan­ted the ya­ch­ts to ha­ve si­mi­lar ex­te­rior li­nes that would suit their dif­fe­rent leng­ths but al­so for the in­te­riors to be laid out and de­si­gned on the ba­sis of their vo­lu­mes whi­ch, of cour­se, would be com­ple­te­ly dif­fe­rent in a 66-me­tre than a 99-me­tre. I ha­ve to say that we are ab­so­lu­te­ly sa­ti­sfied wi­th the re­sult they’ve de­li­ve­red.” Ta­king their in­spi­ra­tion from the my­thi­cal grif­fin, the in­te­riors are bo­th ma­je­stic and bright, as well as re­fe­ren­cing Fin­can­tie­ri Ya­ch­ts si­gna­tu­res, not lea­st the rai­sed in­fi­ni­ty pool on the main deck and a tran­som that con­verts to a hu­ge bea­ch area. The in­te­riors, on the other hand, are de­si­gned to crea­te a mi­ni­ma­li­st yet warm and so­phi­sti­ca­ted im­pact wi­th lar­ge win­do­ws gua­ran­teeing con­tact wi­th the sea even whi­le com­for­ta­bly sea­ted. All four models ha­ve a stern ga­ra­ge that opens on bo­th si­des to lea­ve plen­ty of spa­ce for the bea­ch club, a rai­sed pool on the main deck and a he­li­pad on the fo­re­deck (a tou­ch-and-go in the ca­se of the 66). Ge­ne­rous ex­te­rior spa­ces, th­ree pools (aft, for­ward and on the fly) avai­la­ble across the se­ries and that bea­ch club lend

the Grif­fins a ve­ry Me­di­ter­ra­nean cha­rac­ter – they feel de­si­gned to com­ple­te­ly em­bra­ce the es­sen­ce of the ma­ri­ne en­vi­ron­ment al­beit wi­th Fin­can­tie­ri Ya­ch­ts’ si­gna­tu­re di­scre­tion. It goes wi­thout say­ing that all four models can be cu­sto­mi­sed to suit their ow­ners’ wi­shes and ta­stes al­so. “Our ty­pi­cal ow­ners buy their ya­ch­ts to use them but don’t li­ke pu­bli­ci­ty,” Fa­na­ra ex­plains.

“The­se are peo­ple who don’t want a ya­cht that is too lar­ge. That said, they still de­mand a qua­li­ty hull built to the sa­me en­gi­nee­ring and tech­no­lo­gi­cal stan­dards as a 100-me­tre-plus me­ga­ya­cht but wi­th the ver­sa­ti­li­ty that smal­ler di­men­sions gua­ran­tee.” ex­plains Fa­na­ra. At the Via­reg­gio pre­sen­ta­tion, the spotlight was on the smal­le­st model: the Grif­fin 66. Beau­ti­ful­ly de­si­gned to ac­co­mo­da­te six-two ber­th ca­bins and a 15-strong crew, the Grif­fin 66 has a 12.3-me­tre beam, a GRT of 1,575 ton­nes, and a 3.8-me­tre draft at full load. Her en­gi­ne set-up re­mains a clo­se­ly guar­ded se­cret but the yard has re­vea­led that she will top out at 17 kno­ts.

This pa­ge, so­me ren­de­rings of the Grif­fin 66. Pa­ge op­po­si­te, the who­le ran­ge li­nes out.In que­sta pa­gi­na, al­cu­ni ren­de­ring del Grif­fin 66. Nel­la pa­gi­na a fian­co, l’in­te­ra gam­ma al­li­nea­ta.

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