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Le Av­ven­tu­re di Ali­ce nel Pae­se del­le Me­ra­vi­glie non s ono r ac­col­te so­lo nel ro­man­zo scrit­to da Lewis Car­roll nell’Ot­to­cen­to o nel­le in­nu­me­re­vo­li tra­spo­si­zio­ni ci­ne­ma­to­gra­fi­che, l’ul­ti­ma fir­ma­ta da Tim Bur­ton nel 2010 con un’Ali­ce in fa­se po­st ado­le­scen­zia­le. Quel mon­do romantico e iro­ni­co, sur­rea­le e fia­be­sco ri­vi­ve an­che in un si­to de­di­ca­to, lewi­scar­roll­re­sour­, dal qua­le pren­de­re spun­to per se­gui­re le or­me del­la ra­gaz­zi­na so­gnan­te che, di­ven­ta­ta don­na af­fa­sci­nan­te, pun­ta sul­le for­me pla­sti­che dei tac­chi di sti­va­let­ti strin­ga­ti e di dé­col­le­tée a cal­za, sul­le mon­ta­tu­re ca­ra­mel­lo­se di oc­chia­li a far­fal­la, sul­le fan­ta­sie go­lo­se di doc­tor bag pie­ne di se­gre­ti. Tut­ti da sco­pri­re. M.C.

Ali­ce’s Ad­ven­tu­res in Won­der­land aren’t ju­st told about in the book writ­ten by Lewis Car­roll

“Ali­ce: An ex­hi­bi­tion in­spi­red by the work of Lewis Car­roll”, Mal­vern, Gran Bre­ta­gna (21/10-26/11)

in the 1800s or in the ma­ny mo­vie ver­sions, the la­te­st of whi­ch was di­rec­ted by Tim Bur­ton in 2010, fea­tu­ring a po­st-ado­le­scent Ali­ce. That char­ming, ro­man­tic and sur­real world con­ti­nues to li­ve on via a web­si­te (lewi­scar­roll­re­sour­ that of­fers in­spi­ra­tions for tho­se wan­ting to fol­low in the foo­tsteps of that drea­my girl tur­ned fa­sci­na­ting wo­man. The fo­cus is on the mal­lea­ble sha­pes of the heels of la­ce-up boo­ts, the sweet fra­mes of but­ter­fly-sha­ped glas­ses, or the de­lec­ta­ble pat­terns of doc­tor-sty­le bags, so full of se­cre­ts. All wai­ting to be di­sco­ve­red.

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