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Scat­tan­ti ghe­par­di in aper­ta sa­va­na? Si­nuo­si leo­par­di all’om­bra del bu­sh afri­ca­no? No. Già vi­sti, fo­to­gra­fa­ti, in­sta­gram­ma­ti. L’autunno del­le con­ser­van­cy – aree pro­tet­te ke­nio­te ad al­to tas­so ani­ma­lier – pun­ta il bi­no­co­lo off road. Co­sì scal­tri mam­mi­fe­ri dai no­mi cu­rio­si – ve­di l’ha­sh­tag #ge­net­ta – si im­pon­go­no sul web, con­qui­stan­do so­cial, sa­fa­ri ad­dic­ted e pas­se­rel­le an­che in mo­da­li­tà fa­ke. Ac­can­to­na­to il pi­glio se­xy e graf­fian­te, gli zai­net­ti sfog­gia­no de­co­ri “mu­set­to”, le bor­se da pol­so mor­bi­dez­ze fur­ry e le mi­ni clut­ch mac­chie all over. Un rug­gi­to di crea­ti­vi­tà! V.P.

Light­ning fa­st leo­pards in the sa­van­nah? Si­nuous leo­pards in the sha­do­ws of the Afri­can bu­sh? Been the­re, do­ne that,

al­rea­dy pho­to­gra­phed and In­sta­gram­med them. Au­tumn in the con­ser­van­cies — Ke­nya’s pro­tec­ted areas full of spot­ted ani­mals — means going of­froad. Thus cun­ning crea­tu­res wi­th cu­rious na­mes — see the #ge­net ha­sh­tag — are ta­king over the Web, con­que­ring so­cial me­dia, sa­fa­ri lo­vers and the ru­n­ways even in their fa­ke in­car­na­tions. The sca­thing, se­xy trend is out. Bac­k­packs fea­tu­re “lit­tle snou­ts,” wri­stle­ts ha­ve a soft, fur­ry look and mi­ni clut­ches are full of spo­ts. A roar of crea­ti­vi­ty!

Pho­to­fa­sa­ri al Ma­sai Ma­ra, in Ke­nya: per os­ser­va­re i gran­di pre­da­to­ri da vi­ci­no



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