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Del­lo sti­le di que­gli anni Set­tan­ta, un po’ fric­chet­to­ni, e Ot­tan­ta, un po’ chias­so­si, ha man­te­nu­to so­lo il co­lo­re mie­la­to, og­gi vi­ra­to ver­so il pan­na o spa­ra­to ver­so il mar­ron gla­cé: il mon­to­ne ha ab­ban­do­na­to le giac­che dal­le spal­le lar­ghe e i cap­pot­ti dal­la lun­ghez­za set­teot­ta­vi in fa­vo­re dei giac­chi­ni dai vo­lu­mi squa­dra­ti. Si è al­lar­ga­to in­ve­ce su­gli ac­ces­so­ri, av­vol­gen­do­li, mai co­me que­st’an­no, in ma­nie­ra qua­si os­ses­si­va. Real o fa­ke, con il pe­lo a ric­cio­li im­pe­ne­tra­bi­li o mor­bi­do co­me il vel­lu­to, sem­bra es­se­re di­ven­ta­to la co­per­ta di Li­nus di scar­pe e sti­va­li, bor­se e cap­pel­li. Da coc­co­la­re, da ac­ca­rez­za­re, da sfio­ra­re nel­le gior­na­te più fred­de. M.C.

In the beat­nik sty­le of the 1970s, and the gau­dy sty­le of the 1980s, the on­ly think that re­mai­ned was its ho­ney co­lor. To­day it

L’ef­fet­to co­coon del­lo shear­ling pia­ce al­le top mo­del: da Ale­xa Chung ad Ales­san­dra Am­bro­sio fi­no a Be­ha­ti Prin­sloo

ei­ther leans to­wards the co­lor of cream or goes straight to mar­ron gla­cé: sheep­skin is no lon­ger for wi­de-shoul­de­red jac­ke­ts and calf-leng­th coa­ts but for short squa­re-sha­ped jac­ke­ts. At the sa­me ti­me, ac­ces­so­ries ha­ve ex­pan­ded, get­ting wrap­ped al­mo­st ob­ses­si­ve­ly and mo­re than in any other sea­son. Whe­ther real or fa­ke, wi­th its soft-as-vel­vet im­pe­ne­tra­bly cur­ly fur, it is al­mo­st as if it has be­co­me Li­nus’ se­cu­ri­ty blan­ket in the form of shoes, boo­ts, bags and ha­ts. Rea­dy to be cudd­led, ca­res­sed and em­bra­ced on the col­de­st days.

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