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tra­col­la con la ca­te­na grou­met­te e le bor­chie a cu­spi­de, con le ri­ghe op­ti­cal di­spo­ste a rag­gie­ra e le piu­me dark che sem­bra­no una fran­gia. Mu­st ha­ve! they “shout” wi­thout ma­king a sound, but tel­ling a sto­ry, sha­ring a fee­ling or hi­ghlighting a sty­le. Pa­tri­zia Pe­pe ta­sks the flap of a ti­ny bag wi­th this par­ti­cu­lar mis­sion. “Punk Lo­ve” is the re­frain meant to ap­peal to tho­se who want so­me­thing black, so­me­thing re­bel­lious and so­me­thing wi­th a street-art feel. So for tho­se who li­ke the po­wer­ful ex­pres­si­ve­ness of punk – sof­te­ned by a bit of con­tem­po­ra­ry ro­man­ti­ci­sm – this shoul­der bag fi­ts the bill wi­th its gour­met­te chain, studs on the top, op­ti­cal stri­pes in a sun­ray pat­tern and dark fea­thers that seem li­ke frin­ge. A mu­st ha­ve!

Tut­ti i co­di­ci este­ti­ci del PUNK, ma in ver­sio­ne ro­man­ti­ca, nel­la tra­col­la di Pa­tri­zia Pe­pe

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