All over! Co­me su­gli abi­ti di Ka­ty Per­ry, Kim Kar­da­shian e Lu­pi­ta Nyong’o

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Im­per­la­ti, uno per uno, a do­ve­re. In una rea­zio­ne chi­mi­ca da se­gu­rie. A ca­te­na, so­prat­tut­to que­st’in­ver­no! V.P.

The fir­st ce­le­bri­ty to be ob­ses­sed wi­th pearls ahead of her ti­me was Ca­ro­li­na “La Bel­le” Ote­ro, a Spa­ni­sh dan­cer who set the nights of the Bel­le Épo­que on fi­re. Ma­de­moi­sel­le Co­co took pearls to the heights of sty­le, tran­sfor­ming them in­to bau­bles that are im­mu­ne to the whims of ti­me. Whe­ther they are ca­sca­ding, mi­cro, sea or fre­sh­wa­ter pearls, still to­day no­thing bea­ts the soft tou­ch of

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