Bla­ke Li­ve­ly, Ka­ty Per­ry, Dia­ne Kru­ger: a lo­ro il vel­lu­to sul red car­pet pia­ce!


nous cry­stals, th­ree-di­men­sio­nal de­co­ra­tions, be­jewe­led buc­kles, fril­ly floun­ces, re­tro bo­ws, curb chains, “F” heels and sharp sti­let­tos. All ac­ces­so­ries work along­si­de ro­be dres­ses wi­th asym­me­tri­cal nec­kli­nes, soft god­dess-li­ke tu­nics or long si­ren dres­ses fit for the red car­pet. Fol­lo­wing Ro­sa­mund Pi­ke’s exam­ple: at the re­cent Ro­me Film Fe­sti­val, the for­mer Bond Girl sho­wed up at the pre­mie­re of Ho­sti­les, the an­ti-ra­ci­sm we­stern from di­rec­tor Scott Coo­per, wea­ring a lit­tle black dress in vel­vet wi­th a plun­ging V nec­kli­ne. Vel­vet al­ways se­du­ces.

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