Ma­don­na, Sa­rah Jes­si­ca Par­ker, Nic­ki Mi­naj: star con re­ga­li man­tel­li sul red car­pet

VOGUE Accessori - - THEME SEASON’S 2017 18 DEC FEB 84 -

sco­no il con­cet­to. San­da­li e mu­les esi­bi­sco­no vi­sto­si tac­chi gio­iel­lo, mi­ni boo­ts tes­su­ti da­ma­sca­ti, slip­pers di vel­lu­to stem­mi aral­di­ci e no­bi­lia­ri. L’in­vi­to? È a palazzo. R.S.V.P! V.P.

Ca­pes and cloaks, la­ce and pas­sa­men­te­rie. The mo­st an­ti­ci­pa­ted films on the ho­ri­zon fea­tu­re ma­gni­fi­cent co­stu­mes: from the Fred­die Mer­cu­ry biopic Bo­he­mian Rhap­so­dy – the cro­wn he wo­re at Wem­bley Sta­dium as God Sa­ve the Queen played (1986) was tru­ly un­for­get­ta­ble – to the hi­sto­ric Ma­ry, Queen of Sco­ts, wi­th co­stu­mes by Alex-

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