In­vi­to a cor­te: fi­no al 25/02 la mo­stra “Vi­si­tors to Ver­sail­les: 1682/1789”


an­dra Byr­ne, who won an Oscar for Eli­za­be­th: the Gol­den Age. The­re is an exag­ge­ra­ted de­co­ra­ti­ve flair that is rein­ter­pre­ted and mo­der­ni­zed wi­th a cy­ber-rock twi­st: Ra­mi Ma­lek – the pa­ra­noid hac­ker in the Mr. Ro­bot te­le­vi­sion se­ries – plays the Queen front­man whi­le 23-yea­rold Saoir­se Ro­nan plays Ma­ry Stuart. Ti­me put Ro­nan on its li­st of “Top Ten Next Ge­ne­ra­tion Lea­ders.” The season’s ac­ces­so­ries fol­low the­se the­mes. San­dals and mu­les fea­tu­re showy be­jewe­led heels whi­le mi­ni boo­ts re­ly on da­ma­sk fa­brics and vel­vet slip­pers are ador­ned wi­th ari­sto­cra­tic crests. You’ve been in­vi­ted to the pa­la­ce. R.S.V.P.

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