“Wild Mi­xo­lo­gy”: tan­te ri­cet­te per cock­tail “green”, con in­gre­dien­ti sel­va­ti­ci ve­ge­ta­li


Ha­w­ton To­wer by Ste­fa­no Boe­ri — and land­sca­pe de­si­gners, who all ha­ve been won over by the idea of tran­sfor­ming du­sty, do­wn­trod­den nei­gh­bo­rhoods in­to green and dewy mi­ni fo­rests. This is the per­fect bac­k­drop for the season’s ac­ces­so­ries, co­lo­red in wood­sy nuan­ces and in ever­green sha­pes: py­thon buc­ket bags fea­tu­re con­tra­sting tas­sels and la­ces, wri­stle­ts wi­th spar­kling gold or sto­ne cla­sps set li­ke jewels, au­ste­re pumps are pla­ced upon “sof­ter” heels whi­le an­kle boo­ts seem to ha­ve been co­ve­red in fre­sh cut grass.

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