Did you say WHI­TE?


Sem­bra im­pos­si­bi­le de­cli­na­re una sca­la di co­lo­ri sul­le to­na­li­tà che van­no ap­pe­na al­di­là del bian­co ot­ti­co. Ep­pu­re, si può. Scon­fi­nan­do nel bian­co an­ti­co, zin­co e flo­rea­le, pas­san­do per il co­smic lat­te e il na­va­jo. Sfu­ma­tu­re che ri­man­da­no a una re­gi­na del­le ne­vi con­tem­po­ra­nea so­lo se “ac­com­pa­gna­ta” da tra­col­le con fib­bie, sti­va­let­ti con oblò, orec­chi­ni con per­le. M.C.

It would seem im­pos­si­ble to be able to in­ter­pret a ran­ge of co­lors that go ju­st beyond op­ti­cal whi­te. Yet, it has hap­pe­ned. Bor­de­ring on an­ti­que, zinc and flo­ral whi­te wi­th co­smic and Na­va­jo whi­te in­spi­ra­tions. Nuan­ces that bring to mind a mo­dern snow queen when seen wea­ring shoul­der bags wi­th buc­kles, an­kle boo­ts wi­th “por­tho­les” and ear­rings wi­th pearls. Guc­ci

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