“The Han­sen’s Se­cret Gar­den”, Mu­seé Jac­que­mart –An­dré, Pa­ri­gi. Fi­no al 22/01/2018


well-to-do la­dies – as well as a sur­pri­sing ran­ge of ce­le­bri­ties li­ke Ju­stin Bie­ber – are “co­lo­ring books” for adul­ts. The­se books are full of de­si­gns to co­lor as a way to fight stress and bo­re­dom whi­le try­ing out the be­ne­fi­ts of art the­ra­py. The­se so­phi­sti­ca­ted se­ries of sh­rubs and bou­que­ts that of­fer new in­spi­ra­tions for the win­ter war­dro­be: one-of-a-kind bra­ce­le­ts and rings fea­tu­re ro­ses stud­ded wi­th ru­bies, sap­phi­res and dia­monds whi­le an­kle boo­ts and small clut­ches boa­st se­cret gar­dens in bright hues. When good ta­ste pu­ts you in a good mood! An­ge­la Ca­pu­ti Giug­giù

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