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Tut­ti in dol­cis­si­ma at­te­sa. Del Na­ta­le e del­la not­te di San Sil­ve­stro, tra par­ty, fe­ste ed even­ti che nel me­se di di­cem­bre si sus­se­guo­no a rit­mo fre­ne­ti­co Lo stes­so rit­mo scan­di­sce le pa­gi­ne di Vo­gue Ac­ces­so­ry, che in­ter­pre­ta que­sto pe­rio­do at­tra­ver­so il po­te­re del­le im­ma­gi­ni e il rac­con­to del­le pa­ro­le. Met­ten­do in lu­ce gli ac­ces­so­ri più sor­pren­den­ti, di­ver­ten­ti, ir­ri­ve­ren­ti. Da re­ga­la­re e so­prat­tut­to da far­si re­ga­la­re.

Eve­ryo­ne is wai­ting ex­pec­tan­tly. For Xmas and New Year’s Eve, wi­th all of the par­ties and even­ts that take pla­ce in a fre­ne­tic rhy­thm th­rou­ghout De­cem­ber. Vo­gue Ac­ces­so­ry fol­lo­ws the beat of the sa­me rhy­thm, in­ter­pre­ting this “hot” season wi­th the mo­st evo­ca­ti­ve ima­ges and words for tel­ling sto­ries. Hi­ghlighting all of the mo­st sur­pri­sing ac­ces­so­ries. To gi­ve as gif­ts and ask for as gif­ts. Ser­pen­ti Fo­re­ver bag wi­th po­ny skin in­serts and light gold-pla­ted sna­ke head cla­sp. Bul­ga­ri. Food sty­ling by Sa­ra Ja­ne Cra­w­ford. Pho­to and sty­ling Mit­chell Fein­berg.

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