Le ope­re del­la gio­va­ne ar­ti­sta ita­lia­na Giu­lia Ber­nar­del­li ce­le­bra­no la bel­lez­za in un at­ti­mo (co­me que­sta ri­cet­ta), par­ten­do da un frut­to, da una spe­zia o da un fon­do di caf­fè

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The works of young Ita­lian ar­ti­st Giu­lia Ber­nar­del­li ce­le­bra­te the beau­ty of a mo­ment (li­ke this re­ci­pe) star­ting from a fruit, a spi­ce, or cof­fee grounds

om­pli­ce una mam­ma bra­vis­si­ma in cu­ci­na, Giu­lia ha im­pa­ra­to fin da bam­bi­na che un piat­to non so­lo è buo­no, ma de­ve es­se­re an­che bel­lo. E cre­scen­do nel­la gal­le­ria-li­bre­ria d’ar­te del pa­dre ha col­ti­va­to con lo stes­so tra­spor­to l’amo­re per l’ar­te e per il ci­bo, tan­to da aver tro­va­to la ri­cet­ta per­fet­ta per tra­dur­re la sua pas­sio­ne in pic­co­le ope­re d’ar­te, pae­sag­gi o ri­trat­ti fat­ti con spe­zie, frut­ti, fio­ri e fon­di di caf­fè. Se­gui­te­la su in­sta­­nu­lia

Chanks to her mom who is a won­der­ful cook, Giu­lia lear­ned ear­ly in chil­d­hood that a di­sh is not ju­st de­li­cious, but it al­so has to be at­trac­ti­ve. Gro­wing up in her fa­ther’s art gal­le­ry­book shop, she cul­ti­va­ted her lo­ve for bo­th art and food and has found the per­fect re­ci­pe for trans­la­ting her pas­sion in­to small works of art, land­sca­pes or por­trai­ts ma­de wi­th spi­ces, frui­ts, flo­wers and cof­fee grounds. Fol­low her on in­sta­­nu­lia


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