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Su Net­flix ora puoi an­che sce­glie­re il fi­na­le: com­ple­ta tu la sto­ria, ba­by On Net­flix now you can even choo­se the fi­na­le: com­ple­te the sto­ry , ba­by

VOGUE Bambini - - COVER LINE - by Ila­ria Bel­lan­to­ni

“Per­ché il gat­to non mi chie­de mai che co­sa vo­glio che fac­cia?”, le do­man­da sua fi­glia a 4 an­ni. È co­sì che Car­la Fi­sher, Net­flix Di­rec­tor of Pro­duct In­no­va­tion, ini­zia a la­vo­rar­ci so­pra con i crea­ti­vi di Ame­ri­can Gree­tings e Dream­works.Do­po due an­ni e mez­zo di espe­ri­men­ti ‘Il gat­to con gli sti­va­li - In­trap­po­la­to in una sto­ria epi­ca’ e ‘Bud­dy Thun­der­struck: La bu­sta dei for­se’ so­no la ri­spo­sta: è co­sì che so­no na­te le pri­me se­rie in­te­rat­ti­ve del­la sto­ria del­la ti­vù. Ora so­no i bam­bi­ni a sce­glie­re il cor­so di ogni pun­ta­ta e, so­prat­tut­to, a de­ci­de­re il fi­na­le. Ogni epi­so­dio du­ra tra i 18 e i 39 mi­nu­ti a se­con­da dell’evo­lu­zio­ne del­la tra­ma, de­ci­sio­ne che si pren­de ogni 2/4 mi­nu­ti, in tut­to 6/8 vol­te, di­pen­de da qua­le dei due car­to­ni ani­ma­ti si guar­da. Im­ma­gi­na­te­vi che ef­fet­to po­treb­be ave­re in fu­tu­ro su se­rie com­ples­se co­me ‘Hou­se of Cards’ o ‘Il Tro­no di Spa­de’: “Per ora ci con­cen­tria­mo sui bam­bi­ni per­ché ama­no ‘gio­ca­re’ con i lo­ro per­so­nag­gi pre­fe­ri­ti e toc­ca­no lo scher­mo in mo­do na­tu­ra­le, es­sen­do cre­sciu­ti con la fun­zio­ne tou­ch”, spie­ga Car­la. E con­ti­nua:“Quel­li tra i 5 e gli 11 an­ni ado­ra­no con­trol­la­re la sto­ria e si ri­vol­go­no al vi­deo co­me se i pro­ta­go­ni­sti po­tes­se­ro sen­tir­li”. Per­ché quan­do li­be­ri la fan­ta­sia dei più pic­co­li il ri­sul­ta­to è... spet­ta­co­la­re.

“Why doe­sn’t the cat ever ask me what I want it to do?”,asked her fou­ryear-old daughter. As a re­sult, Car­la Fi­sher, Net­flix Di­rec­tor of Pro­duct In­no­va­tion, star­ted wor­king with the crea­ti­ve teams of Ame­ri­can Gree­tings and Dream­works. Af­ter two and a half years of ex­pe­ri­men­ts, ‘Puss in Book: Trap­ped in an Epic Ta­le’ and ‘Bud­dy Thun­der­struck: The May­be Pi­le’ are the an­swer and the first in­te­rac­ti­ve se­ries in TV hi­sto­ry. Now kids can choo­se what turn the epi­so­de ta­kes and, abo­ve all, they can de­ci­de the fi­nal. Ea­ch epi­so­de lasts bet­ween 18 and 39 mi­nu­tes de­pen­ding on the plot’s twists and turns. A de­ci­sion is made eve­ry two to four mi­nu­tes for a to­tal of six to eight ti­mes (de­pen­ding whi­ch of the two car­toons you’re wat­ching). Ima­gi­ne what the ef­fect could be in the fu­tu­re for com­plex se­ries li­ke ‘Hou­se of Cards’ or ‘Ga­me of Th­ro­nes’. “Now we’re fo­cu­sing on chil­dren be­cau­se they lo­ve to ‘play’ with their fa­vo­ri­te cha­rac­ters and tou­ch the screen in a na­tu­ral way sin­ce they grew up with the tou­ch func­tion”, ex­plains Car­la. She con­ti­nues, “Kids bet­ween the ages of fi­ve and ele­ven ado­re con­trol­ling the plot and tal­king to the screen as if the pro­ta­go­nists can hear them”. When kids let their ima­gi­na­tion soar, the re­sult is… spec­ta­cu­lar!

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