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Stof­fa, co­lo­ri e stam­pe al gri­do di ‘In­di­pen­den­za!’. Que­sta è l’es­sen­za del brand bel­ga Indee, de­di­ca­to a gio­va­ni don­ne fra i 6 e i 16 an­ni. Na­to nel 2016 da un duo di de­si­gner, ha pre­so for­ma du­ran­te una sca­la­ta sul­la ca­te­na dell’Atlan­te, in Ma­roc­co. Di­ver­ten­te e scan­zo­na­to nel­le li­nee, Indee na­sce per sor­pren­de­re, per svi­lup­pa­re l’uni­ci­tà dell’es­se­re teen. La co­lon­na so­no­ra idea­le? ‘Spa­ce Od­di­ty’ di Da­vid Bo­wie!

Fa­bric, co­lors and prin­ts shout ‘In­de­pen­den­ce!’. This is the es­sen­ce of the Bel­gian brand Indee for young wo­men bet­ween the ages of 6 and 16. Esta­bli­shed by a de­si­gner duo in 2016, the idea ca­me about whi­le they we­re clim­bing the Atlas moun­tain chain in Mo­roc­co. With its fun, ca­re­free li­nes, Indee was crea­ted to sur­pri­se and de­ve­lop the uni­que­ness of tee­na­gers.What’s the ideal sound­track? ‘Spa­ce Od­di­ty’ by Da­vid Bo­wie!

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