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La me­ra­vi­glia so­no i ca­stel­li di sab­bia, le poz­zan­ghe­re in cui sal­ta­re. La me­ra­vi­glia è ve­de­re un ele­fan­te per la pri­ma vol­ta. La me­ra­vi­glia è ve­sti­re il co­lo­re. Ec­co per­ché è na­to Won­de­rers, mar­chio lon­di­ne­se di ca­pi fat­ti a ma­glia (e a ma­no), 100% fi­bre na­tu­ra­li, de­sti­na­to a pic­co­li fra i 3 e i 10 an­ni. Ma­glio­ni, sciar­pe, cap­pel­li co­lo­ra­tis­si­mi, per ani­ma­re la fan­ta­sia e stu­pi­re… sem­pre.

Won­ders are sand ca­stles and pudd­le-jum­ping. Won­der is seeing an ele­phant for the ve­ry first ti­me. Won­der is co­lor­ful dres­sing. That’s why Won­de­rers was crea­ted. The London-ba­sed brand of gar­men­ts in kni­ts (hand-made) and 100% na­tu­ral fi­bers was crea­ted for chil­dren aged 3 to 10. Co­lor­ful swea­ters, scar­ves, ha­ts fuel the ima­gi­na­tion and al­ways trig­ger… won­der!

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