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“Non si scende a com­pro­mes­si fra stan­dard eti­ci, de­si­gn e qua­li­tà”, que­sto è Frou Frou, brand te­de­sco na­to nel 2013 con una bou­ti­que a Co­lo­nia. Ge­rit Hir­sch, mam­ma di tre fi­gli, cre­de nel po­te­re del­la ‘len­tez­za’, nell’ispi­ra­zio­ne del­la na­tu­ra e del­la mu­si­ca. Ne na­sco­no ca­pi dal­le li­nee de­li­ca­te, spes­so 100% li­no, at­ten­ti al det­ta­glio e al­la li­ber­tà nel mo­vi­men­to. Un mood che si mol­ti­pli­ca an­che nel­le col­le­zio­ni don­na, co­me pro­po­sta mam­ma­bim­ba.

“Not ac­cep­ting com­pro­mi­se in terms of ethi­cal stan­dards, de­si­gn and qua­li­ty” is the con­cept be­hind Frou Frou, a Ger­man brand esta­bli­shed in 2013 with a bou­ti­que in Co­lo­gne. Ge­rit Hir­sch, the mo­ther of th­ree chil­dren, be­lie­ves in the po­wer of ‘slo­w­ness’ and in the in­spi­ra­tion of na­tu­re and mu­sic. This has led to the crea­tion of gar­men­ts with de­li­ca­te li­nes, and with a fo­cus on de­tail and free­dom of mo­ve­ment. The mood al­so mul­ti­ples in the wo­men­swear col­lec­tions with mom and daughter sty­les.

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